US B1 Temporary Business Visa for Canadian PR


I have recently moved to Canada in PR. Before that, I was working with US based Multinational Automotive company in India. My company has its IT Heqdquarter in Dearborn and its ready to offer me a job based out of Dearborn. Since i don't have the US work permit to directly work from US office, based on my canada PR, company is offering flexibility to work f its Windsor, Canada office.

As it involves frequent meeting with the team in Dearborn, i would like to get US B1 visa, which will help me to cross the border from Canada, but i have few questions related to that.

1. To get the US B1 visa, what are the required document i have to submit.
2. I will be living in Windsor, will the B1 visa allow me to travel to Dearborn office ( as it is 30 minutes drive from Windsor) on daily basis, ( though it is not required to travel in daily, i would like to know the possibilities).
3. I would need multiple entry visa as i have to visit the Dearborn office on regular basis, will the B1 visa allow me to enter the US border and return to the Windsor, Canada on the same day.
4. IIf there any chances of denial if i apply B1 visa stating the above condition.

Would appreciate your valuable suggestion and your opinion on this..

Thanks in advance

Riley Haas

Staff member
Let me try to answer your questions:
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[*]You will need to prove your citizenship, your residence in Canada, and your intention to remain in Canada (such as your job, bank accounts, a lease, etc.) You can learn more here:
[*]I don't know if they will let you travel that frequently. It will be up to the CBP. You will have to prepare to answer why you are traveling every time you cross. But they should get used to it.
[*]This is something you have to ask for at your interview.
[*]I think as long as you successfully establish that you work for this company, that you live in Canada, but that you need to be physically present at the Dearborn office at times, you should be okay. But the granting of your visa depends upon the decision of the particular officer reviewing your application. Further, whether or not you are allowed in, depends upon the CBP officer at the Windsor-Detroit border.[/list]

Hope this helps.