Visitor Visa OR Permanent resident before marriage

M Berts

New Member
My daughter is getting married to a lovely man from Dominican Rep. With so much confusion about his move to Canada, does it seem easier and quicker to obtain a visitors Visa to wed in Canada, then apply for Permanent.....OR..... Marry in DR then apply for permanent residency and a temp visitors visa as they await PR???

Riley Haas

Staff member
So right now the border is closed and so visas will not be approved. Under normal circumstances this is usually the process:
  1. The fiance would apply for a visitor visa to Canada with an invitation letter from your daughter. If it's approved he would come here to visit her (not to marry her) then marry her and then she could sponsor him "inland" (he stays with her in Canada until there is a decision on the application).
  2. If the visa application is not approved then your daughter would travel to the DR and marry him there and then sponsor him "outland" (he stays in the DR until the application is approved).