Waiting for visitor visa approval Since March


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Hi Members,

My wife studies in Canada and I, along with my 7-year-old kid, applied for a visitor visa on 22nd Mar 2022 (using the new portal). It is almost 6 months now.

Can you suggest if I should reapply?
Is there any benefit in re-applying from the old portal? or should I apply from the new portal again?
Moreover, If I apply for SWOP, can I consider applying for SWOP but use the SWOP permit for visits only in Canada? Is it mandatory for SWOP holders to work or the visa can be used for traveling only?

I am an Indian national currently working in Singapore.


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Hi, I applied online and biometrics status completed on 25th March. From then onwards, there is no change in application status.

I have raised several webforms and got tje same answers every time - “ your application is currently under process and we will let you know if we need anything from you”. I have also mailed the Canadian high commission in SG and tjey also replied the same.