What do I do?? Appeal or reopen?


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I am married to a Canadian citizen 6 years ago and we live in U.S. We have a daughter who was born here and she got her Canadian citizenship through his father. I applied my PR 9 months ago and I did all of my medical and biometric also. Two months ago I received an email from immigration service that they want my background check letter from my country (I sent them a copy of my FBI background check letter with all of my documents , before). I sent all of my documents to the police department of my country and they sent me a letter that the processing time takes a couple of months because my country doesn’t have any political relationship between them and U.S. So I emailed to immigration service and explain why I cannot send them police certification of my country right away . But after one month they rejected me because I couldn’t send them that document. Now they give me 30 days to appeal. But I don’t receive the police certification until now and I don’t think so I can receive it before the deadline is over. Now what do I do? Appeal and send them a letter that explain why I didn’t send them that document or close this application and reopen another application? And one more question, if I reopen it again is there any chance I will reject one more time because I didn’t send them police certification of my country last time????

Riley Haas

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If you abandon your application that should not affect a future application.

You can try appealing but I don't know anything about that process so I can't help you there.

If you both live in the US, your application will probably not be approved, anyway, though. Your spouse needs to be in Canada.