What is the real processing time of Canada’s ministry of foreign affairs?

What was your experience with authentication services of Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

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If you’ve authenticated your documents at Global Affairs Canada, would you share your experience? Did you send documents for authentication yourself, or payed to a middleman? How long did authentication take? Did you request a status update from the authentication office? Were your status requests answered? Is there any other way to obtain documents that are recognized internationally?

My documents were delivered for authentication to Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa 77 days ago and requests for a status have not being answered so far.


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December, 2021 the timelines at Global Affairs was 28 days, then it moved to 35, 45, 55...etc.

I am assuming because the pandemic restrictions are slowly lifting, everyone is rushing in with their documents.

Using a third party is only beneficial if you need an inside look at the way a government department operates, and it's worth the extra cost for that knowledge. For example, did you know there is a 'request of urgency', but only 10% are approved.

In your case, I would not use a third party because you have already started the process yourself.