when to apply for PRTD when I am in Australia


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Hello! Thanks so much in advance for answering my question! I really do appreciate it!!

I am planning to go to Australia for a year as of December 2018. My PR card will expire in October 2019. I will be leaving Australia in December 2019. Do I apply for a PRTD at a visa office in Australia before or after my PR card expires? How long will it generally take to get a PRTD after I apply?

One more question: after I come back to Canada from Australia, I need to go to the Netherlands right away ( I am a Dutch Citizen) to pick up my dog and bring him back to Canada. Is this possible or do they take away my PRTD as soon as I come back to Canada? If so, would the alternative be to travel to the Netherlands right from Australia and then enter Canada from the Netherlands with my PRTD from Australia??? Is that allowed??

Thanks again so much for helping me out here!!

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Riley Haas

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Hi Charissa,
You have to apply after it expires, as a PRTD is something you apply for only when you do not have access to a valid PR Card. The stated timeline is 2-3 weeks, but my understanding is that it varies widely by visa office.

Your PRTD is usually issued for one trip so it will normally expire once you fly back to Canada. There are two likely options:
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[*]Go to the Netherlands on the way
[*]See if you can apply for a multiple use PRTD (if such things exist).


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Thanks so much for the quick reply!

One more question: Is it possible to apply for renewal of my PR card when I am in Australia? I thought after reading the immigration website that you have to be in Canada to apply for renewal.

Thanks so much!