Which NOC to be used for Scrum Master


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Hi Team,

Kindly help me with the NOC number for the Scrum Master role.

Below are his responsibilities:

* Knowledge of Scrum rules
* Communicating internally
* Communicating externally
* Up to date Team level documentation
* Reporting team status
* Involving the whole team in Sprint planning
  • Setting clear elevating goals
  • Appropriate commitment level
  • Ownership of the commitment
  • Adjustment of the Sprint Plan
  • Identifying impediments
  • Resolving team impediments
  • Resolving cross-team impediments
  • Appropriate Escalation
  • Outcome focused Meetings
  • Time Boxing
  • Adjusting to different situations
  • Dealing with Difficult people
  • Observe while participating
  • Be Participant and Facilitator
  • Create safety
  • Exp in Agile methodology
  • Scrum Team handling
  • Good to have PSM/CSM certification