Which Program to opt?


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Dear Friends

My Qualifications are
1. Bachelor in Commerce
2. Masters in Commerce
3. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.

My 4 year experience has been in accounts.

Please guide me which program should i opt for Student Permit in Canada.



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I wish to do a course related to Accounting from any good university in Canada.

But my query is that should i opt for a Post Graduate Diploma or Masters.

Since I have already done Masters in Commerce, can i go for Post Graduate Diploma?


Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to say I have no idea. I suspect having two Master's Degrees, one of which is from Canada, would be more valuable than a foreign Master's Degree and a Canadian diploma, but that is just a guess.
Hello! As you have done most of your studies in commerce, its better to opt for a program related to accounts. As you already have experience in accounts there's a better chance to get the study permit.