Work Permit/Study Permit/Temporary Resident Visa?


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Can I applied for Permanant Resident status and temporery status (Work Permit/Study Permit/Temporary Resident Visa) at the same time? If yes then what will be the proceedure of it?

Riley Haas

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It's not necessary, if you get permanent residence what would be the point of applying for the temporary residence? If you qualify for permanent residence, just apply for that.


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A green card applicant cannot simultaneously submit an application for adjustment of status and consular processing. Only one must be chosen, not both. Keep in mind that applicants for a green card through adjustment of status may only be those who are physically present in the United States through a lawful entry.



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I need to a similar thing and curious how did you solve your situation. Also does anyone have experience with the evisa express https://www.fа How legit is the company? Would i appreciate some feedback here, as i need to solve couple of immigration points in a very short term. Cheers guys.