Work permit to study permit change


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I was on lmia based work permit (expiring date sept 2021) but i recently applied for study permit to study a course which i believe will enhance my future prospectives. I got my study permit on 4th may issued on 29 classes are starting from 1st june.
My questions are
1. Do I need to update any informations like sin no. Bc msp
2. I sent my damaged indian passport for renewal. It has visitor visa till 2022. Do i need to sent for another entry stamp so that i can trevel safely in future.
3. My study permit has old passport no. can i ask for replacement when i get new passport or it will work keeping both passports.
Lasly i was laid off because of covid 19 and getting ei. Payments. Should i stop it and send back any payment i got after issuing of study permit..
It would be really helpful if you please answer any of these questions.
  1. Don't need to update your SIN.
  2. If you don't have your visa stamp any more you will have trouble travelling outside of canada.
  3. Can you get your old passport back?
  4. How are you getting ei?