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Your Immigration Lawyer Screwed Up. What’s Next?

When you’ve hired an immigration consultant or lawyer and your application is rejected because of errors and screw ups by your consultant, it’s an incredibly frustrating moment for you. You’ve paid out a part of your savings in fees and not only was your application rejected – always a risk even for an application that…


Customs Duties on Shipping Items to Canada

While tax treaties around the world, like NAFTA, are aimed at eliminating tariffs and duties on goods shipped across international boundaries, the world still has a way to go. There is often a tax or duty that you must pay before Canada Post, or your shipping company, will release the package sent to you from…


Why You Should Apply for a Trade Certificate in Canada

Many qualified people are currently working in Canada who have not had their trade certificate or credentials recognised.


How to enlist in a government-funded language course in Canada

The Canadian government offers free language courses to eligible permanent residents and citizens