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There will be times you will need an expert to review and clean up your application before filing. Doing your own application can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees, it is just a smart thing to do if you have more time than money. When you’re completing your own immigration application you cannot be expected to get it perfect even if you took your time and were patient with every step. Every mistake can cost you weeks if not months of delay in processing your application. Immigroup’s review service is here to address this issue of self completed applications.

Note: if you just need questions answered please go to this page for a 1-hour consultation.

What options does Immigroup offer?

  • $750 – Review my Application service
  • $1000 – Help me get started and Review my Application service
  1. 1-hour consultation to get the foundation started, answer all your questions, get you the right applications to fill out.
  2. Submit your completed paperwork for review

How does the service work?

  1. Complete your order using our below form.
  2. One to two business days your consultant will contact you to start the service.
  • If you order Help me get Started Service, you will be setting up a date and time to meet your consultant and get you ready for the application process. Once completed you can move on to step 3.
  1. You will need to send your completed application to your consultant, either by courier or by scanning and emailing all documents. Once review is complete your consultant will book you with a consultation and explain what they did, answer all your questions, and give you advice to improve upon your application.


Taxes depend on the location of your consultant in Canada. Outside of Canada clients pay not tax.




Does the consultant help when I am completing the application? What if I get stuck?

You have two choices, you can follow our article talking about this problem and what to do, click here. The other option is you can buy extra time with your consultant, typically clients by one hour at a time worth of support. This cost $225 per hour for the extra support and typically you email your question and get the answer back in 1 business day. You consultant will let you know when you when you are coming close in the end of the hours paid time.

Does Immigroup guarantee that my application will be successful?

We don’t offer any guaranties, not allowed in our regulated industry but if you consultant sees red flags in your application you can rest assured, they will bring it up with you.

How long does the review take? 

Application review takes on average two weeks to complete, but can take longer depending on your application complexity or how busy your consultant is.  

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