Find my Immigration Application

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Status Check Costs

  • $500 for location of your application (in Canada)
  • $750 for location of  your application (outside of Canada)

Tip: Use Immigroup’s Research a Topic section to learn more or do it yourself.

Terms of Service:

  • Your representative can only check the status of you application once a week.
  • If we get no response after 30 days we will file CAIPS and FOSS notes.
  • Maximum 3 letter request sent to the government first 6 months and 1 letter every 3 months is allowed.
  • This service does not included taking over you existing immigration application. Extra fees will apply if you need your representative to respond to the government (example: They need extra documents).

How does it work?

  1. Once payment has been made your consultant will email you within 1-2 business day. They will request some documents from you and ask you to sign some forms.
  2. You need to mail/courier some documents to your representative.
  3. Your consultant will start tracking down your file and communicate with you by email or phone giving you weekly updates.
  4. Once they have found your application the service ends. You can still continue using  your consultant by retaining


What can I expect from this service?

We typically see a few scenarios unfold:

  • Approximately 25% of the cases are resolved within the first month.
  • Most of the cases turned out to be a long-drawn-out grind of consistent checking and requesting.
  • A small percentage of cases the consultant may advise the client to file a second application. This usually results in a second application being opened before the first application is ever located.
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