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It is frustrating to not hear back on your request. We can help.
We know time is of the essence, but we do recommend we do a status check first to see where your application is at.
We do offer a status check and can use our licenced immigration consultant to attempt to access your file. That service is $150. Below are the details:

Status Check-up – Linking your application to the Authorized Representative Account

Your representative will link your application to their account 
  • You get a screenshot or screenshots of your profile
  • You get a copy of any messages that are in your file
  • You get a copy of any letters that are in your file
  • Your representative will make 3 attempts to link your account
  • You likely will only require one, but sometimes there are technical issues with the website itself.

Once the service is completed, you are able to revert your profile back to your control. If you would like us to continue to monitor your profile, we can do that as well. Your unused attempts will be credited to your ongoing notifications.

How does it work?

  1. Once payment has been made your consultant will email you within 1-2 business days. They will request some documents from you and ask you to sign some forms.
  2. You need to email your representative the following:
    – Passport showing photo and signature page
    – Any information that have used to attempt the web inquiry
    – A copy of any communication you have received from Immigration Canada (IRCC) – if applicable.
    – The receipts from immigration Canada for the fee payment – If possible tell us which fee is for which individual.
  3. Your consultant will start tracking down your file.
  4. Once the service is completed, you are able to revert your profile back to your control.
No taxes for clients outside of Canada.
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