Citizenship Certificate Through a Canadian Parent

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Getting your first Canadian citizenship certificate through a Canadian parent

Get Your FIRST Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Everyone born in Canada is a Canadian citizen. But, if you were born outside Canada and one of your parents was a Canadian citizen either by birth or naturalization at the time you were born, then you are a Canadian citizen by descent. To get your Canadian passport, you first need to apply for proof that you are a Canadian citizen in the form of a Canadian citizenship certificate.

As of 2009, Canadian citizenship by descent is only extended to the first generation born outside Canada. Prior to this, the second generation born outside Canada could also claim Canadian citizenship through their Canadian grandparent.

The application process for obtaining your first Canadian citizenship certificate through a Canadian parent is largely the same. A copy of the applican’ts own long-form birth certificate showing parents’ names and the applicant’s Canadian parent’s long-form birth certificate showing their parents’ names must be included. This is in addition to the other photocopies of ID documents that must be included. All photocopies of documents must be certified.  A first Canadian citizenship certificate cannot be submitted without proper documentation.

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