Work Permits (working in Canada)

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Different types of Work Permits

  • $7000 Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with senior consultant
    $4000 Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with junior consultant
  • $3500 Global Talent Stream (LMIA) with senior consultant
    $2700 Global Talent Stream (LMIA) with junior consultant
  • $2500 (straightforward) $4000 (complex) United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (CUSMA)
  • $750 Post Graduation Work Permit
  • $750 Open Work Permit for Sponsorship

Tip: Use Immigroup’s Research a Topic section to learn more or do it yourself.

*government fees, taxes and courier not included.

Note: if you do not know which work permit applies to you then please move on to the consultation part.

How does it work?

  1. Book an hour consultation with your consultant. This is your planning session where you discuss important topics like:
  • What are my odds of success?
  • What documents and supporting documents do I need to gather?
  • Answers to all your question and concerns.
  • How will you be communicating with your representative? Example: email, phone or in person.
  • How does payment work (example: instalments)?
  1. Email you consultant after the meeting giving them the okay to move forward. At this stage your consultant will charge you the next installment and you will be working with them until a decision is given on your Study Permit.

Total cost for the fist step is $250 + taxes.

After this meeting you can ether mover forward with the Super Visa process or not (no extra fees will be charged if you do not go forward).

What we do for Your Super Visa Application

  • Your consultant will be representing you from beginning to end of the process. They will have the legal right to deal with the government on your behalf.
  • Your consultant will clean up any application you send them and put the package together for you.
  • Your consultant will do all status check ups once the application is filed.
  • Your consultant’s job is to submit the best and most perfect application as possible. They work for you to increase the odd of the super visa approval and processing time. This does not mean it’s guaranteed it just means we work towards perfection.
If you choose to move forward after your consultation, $250 is subtracted from the total cost of the service fee.


How does payment work?
It is up to you and the consultant to work this part out. Generally, you can request paying in installments, but it is an industry standard to have all payments made before the application is filed with the government.

What is the difference between a senior and a junior consultant?
Junior consultants generally have one to two years’ worth of experience where senior consultants on average have at least five or more years of experience. it’s perfectly appropriate to use a junior consultant if your case is straightforward.

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