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  • Island located in the Caribbean
  • Dominica has a rainy season from June till November; the rest of the year is rainy but not in large amounts.  Dominica also enjoys eight hours of sunlight per day all year long.
  • Tropical storms are common because of the location in the Caribbean, which is also a region prone to hurricanes which can turn out to be very destructive.


Marriage to a Dominican Citizen

Every country has laws that apply to its citizens marrying a person from a different country. Getting married to a Dominican citizen with the goal of eventually bringing them to Canada to live is a process with many steps. The Dominican government imposes strict requirements on foreigners who marry Dominicans as an indirect way of discouraging Dominican citizens from moving to other countries.

You must demonstrate to Dominican officials that they are not currently married to anyone else – either you have never been married, or all divorces are finalized – that your identity is proven and that you have never committed any crimes in Dominica. This is done by providing various documents, including an Affidavit of Single Status, to the Dominican government either in Dominica or via a Dominican embassy.

If you want to bring your Dominican spouse or partner to live in Canada, you must then file a sponsorship application for them to become a permanent resident. If they would like to visit you in Canada while their application is in process, they must also apply for a visitor visa. For more information, please see our family sponsorship page and our visitor visa page.


Dominican Marriage Basic Requirements

Canadian citizenship can guarantee you a visa to be able to travel to Dominica to get married to your spouse.

To qualify for the spouse visa, the conditions are as follows:

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of 18 years and above
  • Must be financially stable and able to assist the wife for 3 years after getting permanent residency
  • Must be able to support any dependent children for 10 years or until they are 25 years
  • Must have adequate housing where the family can live without reliance on state funds

Things to do before leaving Canada for Dominica:

  • Go to the registrar of marriage to obtain an affidavit of marital status
  • Pay $50 for this affidavit certificate
  • Carry original or copy of birth certificate
  • If married before, produce a divorce decree
  • If widowed, produce certificate of marriage and death certificate of the spouse

Official documents issued in Canada to be used in Dominica should be notarized and legalized before they can be used.

These documents that need validation in Dominica are:

  • Affidavit of marital status
  • Divorce decree if present
  • Former spouse’s death certificate or marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Name change certificate


Family Members

If your Dominican spouse has dependent children, this does not affect the Dominican Marriage document application.

If you have dependent children, they have no effect on the application to marry a Dominican citizen.

How long is the Dominican Marriage document valid?

The document is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. If you do not marry your Dominican fiancé within 6 months of the issuance of the Dominican Marriage document, you must apply again with new supporting documents.

List of Dominican Consulates in Canada


Calling Dominica from Canada

Dominica is in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Treat calling Dominica like making a long distance call to Canada or the US:

Dial 1 – 767 – local number


Calling Canada from Dominica

Because Canada and Dominica participate in the NANP, calling Canada is just a normal long distance call.

Dial 1 – area code – local number


List of Area Codes in Canada

Province Code Province  Code
Alberta 403 / 587 (southern Alberta)

587 / 780 (central and northern Alberta)

Nunavut 867
BC 236 / 250 / 778 (majority of BC)

236 / 604 / 778 (Metro Vancouver)

Ontario 226 / 519 (southwestern Ontario)

249 / 705 (northeastern Ontario)

289 / 365 / 905 (Greater Toronto Area)

343 / 613 (eastern Ontario)

416 / 647 (Toronto)

807 (northwestern Ontario)

Manitoba 204 / 431 PEI 782 / 902
New  Brunswick 506 Quebec 418 / 581 (eastern Quebec)

438 / 514 (Montreal)

450 / 579 (Greater Montreal)

819 / 873 (remainder of Quebec)

Newfoundland and Labrador 709 Saskatchewan 306 / 639
Northwest Territories 867 Yukon 867
Nova Scotia 782 / 902


Time Difference

Dominica is in Eastern Caribbean Time, which is the same as Atlantic. Dominica does not observe DST.

Canadian Time Zone # of Hours Difference with Dominica # of Hours during DST
Pacific (BC, Yukon) Dominica is 4 hours ahead Dominica is 3 hours ahead
Mountain (Alberta, western Nunvaut, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan) Dominica is 3 hours ahead Dominica is 2 hours ahead
Saskatchewan Dominica is 2 hours ahead Dominica is 2 hours ahead
Central (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, central Nunavut, northwestern Ontario) Dominica is 2 hours ahead Dominica is 1 hour ahead
Eastern (most of Ontario, most of Quebec) Dominica is 1 hour ahead Same Time
Atlantic (Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, eastern Quebec) Same Time Dominica is 1 hour behind
Newfoundland Dominica is 30 minutes behind Dominica is 90 minutes behind


Emergency Contact Information for Canadians in Dominica

There is no Canadian diplomatic mission in Dominica. Contact the Canadian High Commission in Barbados for Assistance.

High Commission of Canada in Bridgetown

Bishop’s Court Hill
St. Michael
P.O. Box 404

Telephone: (246) 629-3550
Fax: (246) 437-7436
E-mail:[email protected]

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Canadian Government’s Travel Alerts for Dominica

Religion in Dominica

Dominica has a diverse mix of cultures and there is freedom of worship. The majority of the population follows Roman Catholic Church which is 61%.

The second biggest denomination is Evangelical at 18% of the population.  The rest of the Churches are Seventh Day Adventist at 6% and Methodist 3.7%.

There are other smaller groups of faiths such as Rastafarians, Jehovah Witnesses, Anglicans, Muslims, Nazarene, Church of Christ, Brethren Christian and Baha’i.

According to statistics 6% of the population does not belong to any religion.


Romantic, Scenic and Historic Places in Dominica

Batibou Beach

This lovely beach is located in Calibishie in Dominica. It is an ideal location for surfing and all other water sports. It is also a very romantic getaway for married couples.


Cabrits Historical and Marine Park

This is a reserve with a rich history preserved in a natural environment. Some of the attractions are a museum and historical artefacts.



Victoria Falls – Delices

Not to be confused with their far larger, far more famous namesake in Zimbabwe, these falls are in Delices. They are a major tourist attraction.


Boiling Lake – Morne Trois Pitons National Park

This lake is located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park in Dominica, suitable for picnics, hiking and site seeing.


Emerald Pool – Morne Trois Pitons National Park

This is a 50 foot water fall with emerald colored water. Nature trails and hiking are activities that tourists can enjoy also enjoy.


Brandy Manor – Portsmouth

This manor is an impressive resort with horseback riding, hiking tours and other outdoor activities that couples on a honeymoon can enjoy while in Dominica.


Aerial Tram – Roseau

This is an overhead walkway suspended above the ground that overlooks lush green vegetation for a spectacular view of the forest. This tramway is located in Laudat town.


Champagne Diving – Roseau

These are naturally formed features from the effects of weather and they attract tourists who marvel at the wonders of nature.

This location is in Roseau.


Dominica Botanical Gardens – Roseau

This is a 40 acre garden with orchids, palms and rare species of trees. Tourists can visit any time of the year and enjoy nature.


Middleham Falls and Ti Tou Gorge – Roseau

Hiking trails and waterfall site seeing are some of the activities offered here.


Old Market Square – Roseau

Tourists who want to see the historical side of Dominica should visit the old market square in the city of Roseau.


Papillote Tropical Gardens – Roseau

These are gardens with lots of flowers and a wide variety of vegetation that blends well with nature creating a harmonious environment for relaxation.


Scott’s Head

This is a cluster of coral reef that provides life to a variety of marine life making it a tourist haven.


Soufriere Marine Reserve – Scott’s Head

This is a marine reserve for rare species of marine life and fish. Exotic species can be found here and tourists get to learn about conservation.


Screw’s Sulphur Spa

The most attractive feature about this place is the hot springs and geysers. Tourists can enjoy bathing in hot water and massage services at the spa.

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