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This program allows talented and experienced people who work in athletics or cultural activities to come to Canada. You must be able to make a significant contribution to the athletic or cultural life in Canada.

To qualify, you must have relevant experience in your area of expertise:

  • This experience must be for at least 2 years and within 5 years of the date you apply.
  • For cultural activities you must have 2 or more 1-year periods being self-employed in cultural activities or 2 or more 1-year periods participating in world-class cultural activities (or a combination of the two).
  • For athletic activities you must have 2 or more 1-year periods being self-employed in athletics or 2 or more 1-year periods participating at the world-class level in athletics (or a combination of the two).

Go here to see the selection criteria which take into account the following selection factors:

  • Experience (in your area)
  • Age
  • Education
  • Language ability
  • Adaptability.

You will have to get the following as well:

  • Medical checks
  • Police certificates


How to Apply to Immigrate to Canada as a Self-Employed Person

Go here to see the instruction guide for your Application Form: Applying for Permanent Residence – Business Class Applicants: Quebec Selected Self-Employed and Federal Self-Employed Persons (IMM 4500). Read it carefully as it contains complete instructions on how to apply.

Go here to download the document checklist (IMM 5784E). If you can’t open the page click on save as and download the PDF to your PC’s hard drive. Then open it from there and print it.

Go here to fill out the Generic Application form for Canada IMM 0008. As before, if you can’t open the page, right-click and choose save as and download to your pc. Then open it from your pc’s hard drive. Then fill the form out online and print it. Be sure to click the Validate button whenever it appears either at the top or bottom of the page before printing out the completed form. Sign and date it.

Print out the document checklist and gather every required document from that list. Then place the documents (with translations, certifications, etc. if required) in a sealed envelope along with any identification documents or copies of you are required to send. Print out the document checklist and sign it. Place the document checklist at the top of your application where IRCC officials can easily access it.

You will have to pay several fees as outlined in the table below:

Fees $CAD
Processing fee $1,575
Right of Permanent Residence Fee $500
Processing fee – spouse or partner $825
Right of Permanent Residence Fee – spouse or partner $500
Include a dependent child $225 per child
Biometrics fee – per person $85
Biometrics fee – per family (2 or more persons) $170

Go here to see if you have to give biometrics. You should pay the biometrics fee along with your other fees when you apply (if not you will face further delays in processing your application). You will then receive a Biometrics Instruction Letter telling you where and when to give biometrics. Bring the letter with you when you go to give biometrics.

As well, please remember you are responsible for paying the fees for the following third-party tests:

  • Medical exams (only from an approved panel physician – go here)
  • Police certificates
  • Language tests.

It is vital that you print your receipts for all your fee payments once they have been paid online before you log off the site found here. Your receipts must be included in your application package.

Finally, until all your partners in your planned business have applied the application for the Start-up Visa will not proceed to processing. Please ensure all your partners apply as soon as reasonably possible.

Once you have completed, validated, printed and signed the application forms and included all supporting documents, you must then mail your package to the following address:

By regular mail:

Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada

Centralized Intake Office – Start Up Business Class

P.O. Box 8700

Sydney NS   B1P 0G2



By courier:

Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada

Centralized Intake Office – Start Up Business Class

49 Dorchester Street

Sydney NS   B1P 5Z2


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