Marriage Certificates

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If you have legally married your partner and they are your legal spouse, you will of course need a supporting document to prove this. Usually this will be your Marriage Certificate.

As with any supporting document you may have to get it translated into English or French by a certified translator.

Unless specified, any document NOT in English or French must:

  • Be a certified copy of the original certified by a public notary or similar official
  • Be accompanied by an English or French language translation
  • If not translated by a Canadian-based translator in good standing with their provincial or territorial body, be accompanied by an Affidavit – where the translator swears in front of a public notary (or similar official) that the translation is true and accurate.

Remember, your marriage certificate is a key document that helps prove the authenticity of your relationship with the principal applicant.

Additionally, you will need proof of registration of your marriage with the relevant government authority in the country in which you were married. This can be a federal, provincial or state, or local government and will depend on the regulations governing marriage certificates in that country.

In our example, they might have a Brazilian marriage certificate. This certificate would have to be translated by a certified translator:

Sample Brazilian marriage certificate from


However, if they married in Canada, it might look like this:

Ontario Marriage Certificate

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