Paying Your Sponsorship Application Fees

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Do You Have Your Printed Sponsorship Application Fee Receipt?

You have to pay your fees and print your receipt and include that printed receipt with your application.

 If you don’t include this receipt your application will be returned to you.

Let’s look at the current fee structure for Spousal Sponsorship Applications:


Step 1: Sponsorship Application Fees

Sponsor your Spouse or Partner
Sponsorship Fee $75
Principal Applicant Processing Fee $475
Right of Permanent Residence Fee* $500
TOTAL $1,050
Sponsor your Spouse or Partner Without Right of Permanent Residence Fee
Sponsorship Fee $75
Principal Applicant Processing Fee $475
TOTAL $550
Sponsor a Dependent Child
Sponsorship Fee $75
Processing Fee $75
TOTAL $150
Include Any Dependent Child – Application made by them or overage dependent
Processing Fee $150 Per child
TOTAL $150 Per child

*The Right of Permanent Residence Fee DOES NOT have to be paid until and if your application is successful and the Principal Applicant is awarded PR status. In other words, you DO NOT have to pay it until later in the application process and only if your application is successful. Please note that IRCC recommends you pay the Right of Permanent Residence fee when you submit your application, rather than waiting until your application is approved. They state that this will avoid any possible delays that may occur if you chose to wait to pay this fee.

As well, note that any dependent child does NOT have to pay (or have the sponsor pay, in other words) a Right of Permanent Residence fee.

You also will generally have to provide biometrics – aside from only a couple of exceptions – so you should go here to find out if you have to provide biometrics. If you do, the biometric fees are as follows.

Biometrics fee (per person) $85
Biometrics fee (per family of 2 or more people – This is the maximum fee for a family of 2 or more people travelling together) $170

Please note that although you must pay your biometrics fees before you submit your application and include the printed receipt with your application, do NOT attempt to give biometrics until you receive your biometrics instruction letter. (See Chapter XX for more details on giving biometrics)


How to Pay Your Sponsorship Application Fees

If you are in Canada, you must pay your fees online.


Paying Sponsorship Fees from Inside of Canada (Inland Sponsorship and Applications Where Sponsor in Canada Pays)

You will need the following:

  • A valid email address
  • Access to a printer (in order to print the receipt)
  • A Credit Card or Canadian Debit Card.

Go here to pay your IRCC fees online. You will create an online account with a password that will enable you to pay your fees online.

Before we go through the steps to paying your fees online, let’s see how to set up your online account with IRCC.

Go here to set up your account. The IRCC webpage should look like this:

IRCC Account Sign in Page

Scroll down the page to the sign-in options:

IRCC Sign-in options

Go to the lower left-hand box that says “Don’t have an account?”

Click on the blue Register button.

This will take you here to this page where you should see the following:

Register for an IRCC account

If you scroll down, you will find instructions for 2 ways to register for an account:

  • Register with a GC Key
  • Register with a Sign-In Partner.


Registering with IRCC with a GC Key

  1. Click Register with a GCKey below.
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions of Use and click “I Accept.”
  4. Create a username. Click “Continue.”
  5. Create a password. Click “Continue.”
  6. Create your security questions and responses. Click “Continue.”
  7. Click Continue to get to the Sign-Up Complete page.
  8. Read the Terms and Conditions. Click “I Accept.”
  9. Enter your information and follow the steps to create your account.

The blue Register with GC Key button is just below these instructions on the registration page.

We recommend the GC Key Account option because later on in Chapter 28 where we talk tracking your application, you can use your GC Key Account to track your application, but it must be opened by the Principal applicant not the Sponsor.

Seeing the principal applicant may not have a bank account in Canada, they will have to use GC Key.


Registering with IRCC with a Sign-in Partner (Bank)

  1. Click “Register with a Sign-In Partner” below.
  2. Choose your financial institution. (If you don’t see your financial institution listed, you need to register with GCKey.)
  3. Enter your banking sign-in information and click “Continue.”
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions of Use and click “I Accept.”
  5. Enter your information and follow the steps to create your account.


Paying the Fees After You’ve Registered for an IRCC Account

Now, let’s continue with the steps to pay your Fees.


Step 2: Ensure You Have the Right Credit Card or Debit:

Please note that the Credit or Canadian Debit card does NOT have to be in your (sponsor or applicant) name. In other words, the cardholder’s name which will appear on the printed receipt does NOT have to match the applicant’s name, as long as the card is valid, and the payment goes through.

The following credit and prepaid cards are accepted for paying fees on IRCC’s website:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • UnionPay.

If you use a prepaid Card to pay your fees, keep your prepaid Card for at least 18 months as it will enable you to receive any refunds.

The following Debit Cards are accepted:

  • Any debit card from a Canadian Bank that uses INTERAC online. The debit card must also be registered for online banking use at your Canadian Bank’s website. Just go to your bank’s online website and follow the instructions to register your card. (have your card handy so you can enter the full number.)
  • Visa debit Cards.


Step 3: Pay Your Fees on IRCC’s Website:

The third step is to pay your fees. If you’re still uncertain as to how much you have to pay, go here (the fee wizard) and answer some questions to get your correct fee amount.


Step 4: Obtaining Your Sponsorship Fee Receipt

The fourth step involves receiving a copy of your receipt in your email inbox which you must then print out and include in your application package.

DO NOT forget to include your receipts or your application will be sent back to you.

You can go here and log in (you will have already created an online account with a password at the first link given just above the first step) to view all your receipts.


Paying Sponsorship Fees from Outside of Canada (Applications Where Principal Applicant Pays)

If you are living outside of Canada you have 2 options:


Paying Fees Online From Outside of Canada

Go here to get instructions on how to pay online from abroad.

Choose your country of residence from the drop-down menu:

Choose which country your spouse/partner lives in to pay the sponsorship fees

Here we’ve chosen Brazil to show how to pay online from abroad because that’s where our example applicant lives.

Let’s assume that Carmen’s parents paid the fees for the application for her.

Next we choose what type of application and what specific application we’re paying fees for from the other 2 drop-down menus:

Choose sponsorship application in order to pay your IRCC fees

Next we click on Get payment instructions:

IRCC's sponsorship fee payment instructions

As you can see, the instructions are just about the same as for paying online in Canada.

Remember to print your receipt before leaving the page. While IRCC says they will mail a copy of your receipt to your email address, make sure additionally that you print the receipt when you pay the fee. That way you ensure you have a copy of the receipt no matter what happens afterwards.

In other words, DO NOT LEAVE THE ONLINE PAYMENT SITE UNTIL YOU HAVE PRINTED YOUR RECEIPT. This means you must have your printer working and ready to go before you log in online to pay your fees.


Paying Fees Offline From Outside of Canada (Sponsor and Sponsored Spouse are Outside of Canada)

You can only use this option if you are living outside Canada and do not have access to the internet.

Your payment must:

  • Be an International Bank Draft or Money Order;
  • Be payable to the Receiver General for Canada;
  • Be in Canadian funds (in Canadian dollars NOT US dollars);
  • Be acceptable and therefore cashable at a Canadian Financial Institution (check with your local bank to see if this is the case);
  • Indicate clearly:
    • The name of the Canadian financial institution,
    • The address of the Canadian financial institution,
    • The account number of the Canadian financial institution. (All of which will show where your International Bank Draft or Money Order can be cashed. Consult with your local bank for details.)

Better yet, if possible find an internet connection and printer and do it online following the steps we outlined just above. But you should know that you can indeed, under certain circumstances, do it offline.

Remember that if your fees are insufficient, your application will be returned to you.

If you overpay (your fees total more than the correct amount) then your application will continue to be processed and you will be refunded the difference between what you overpaid and what you actually owe in fees.

Proof of Identity documents are key for the Principal Applicant seeking PR status from a Sponsorship Application. Make sure the principal applicant has included:


Do You Actually Have Everything You Need in Your Sponsorship Application?

Proof of Identity documents are key for the Principal Applicant seeking PR status from a Sponsorship Application. Make sure the principal applicant has included:

  • Most recent passport or other travel document.
  • If the principal applicant is in Canada – proof of status – study or work permit, visitor visa, or temporary resident permit.
  • Birth certificate or Baptismal certificate.
  • If the principal applicant’s country requires it – National Identity Card and/or Family Booklet.

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