Spousal Sponsorship Course You are done! Wow

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We’ve covered just under 40 chapters about the sponsorship application – some of them fairly detailed – and we’ve finally reached our goal of a successful permanent resident with:

  • their PR Card,
  • their Health card, and
  • their Driver’s License

If you thought it would be a fairly straightforward path, you now understand this is not the case. But if you’ve read all 37 chapters and are still reading right now, you understand that careful planning and persistence and patience are necessary to navigate the entire Spousal Sponsorship application process successfully.

What you do next is, of course, up to you.

Learn how to apply for Canadian Citizenship

But if you feel overwhelmed, don’t be surprised. It can be a tough slog at times. It will have its high and low points, but preparing an easy-to-understand but complete application package will separate you from those many packages that are confusing and incomplete and are often returned without even processing – or have several follow-up requests for more information from IRCC officials and end up being refused in the end.

While you can decide at any point in this lengthy process to appoint a representative, appointing one earlier in the process will speed things up rather than presenting a nearly complete file that they then have to wade through and sort out and correct.

Even in this case where you realize half-way through the application that you need help, if you have taken some care and put together a reasonably well-organized application, your representative will be able to put things in order that much more quickly.

In other words, use this guide whether you decide to appoint a representative or not. Either way, it will help you navigate a long and sometimes frustrating process and help you avoid some of the typical problems most applications fall into.

Good luck!

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Spousal Sponsorship Course Chapters – Table of Contents

Step 1: Spousal Sponsorship Course – Before we start

Step 2: When to do Overseas vs. Inland Spousal Sponsorship Application

Step 3: Form IMM 1344 Application Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking

Step 4: Form IMM 5532 Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation

Step 5: IMM 0008 Generic Application form for Canada for Sponsored Spouse

Step 6: IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration

Step 7: IMM 5645 / IMM 5406 Family Information Form

Step 8: IMM 5409 Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union

Step 9: The Document Checklist IMM 5533 or IMM 5589 or IMM 5629

Step 10: IMM 5481 Sponsorship Evaluation

Step 11: IMM 1283 Financial Evaluation

Step 12: General Application Form IMM 0008 and IMM 0008DEP Additional Dependants Deliration

Step 13: Spousal Sponsorship Country Specific Sponsorship Application Forms

Step 14: IMM 5476 Use of a Representative

Step 15: To Do List – Thins you don’t have answer for

Step 16: Marriage Certificates

Step 17: Sponsor’s Supporting Documents for Sponsorship

Step 18: Primary Applicant’s Supporting Documents for Sponsorship

Step 19: Spousal Sponsorship Letter – How to Ace it

Step 20: Spousal Sponsorship Proof of Communication

Step 21: Spousal Sponsorship Proof of Relationship through Gifts, Travel and Support

Step 22: Spousal Sponsorship Photographs to help prove your relationship

Step 23: Spousal Sponsorship Support Letter from Friends and Family

Step 24: Putting Your Sponsorship Application Together

Step 25: Summary Letter Example for Canadian Immigration

Step 26: Paying Your Sponsorship Application Fees

Step 27: Mailing in Your Canadian Immigration Package

Step 28: Tracking the Status of Your Immigration Application

Step 29: Communicating with IRCC About Your Immigration Application

Step 30: Are you Ready for Your Sponsorship Interview?

Step 31: Submitting Biometrics for Your Immigration Application

Step 32: Medical Examination for Canadian Immigration

Step 33: Canadian Immigration Approved Application

Step 34: Denied Sponsorship Applications

Step 35: New to Canada – Getting you PR Card/Driver’s License/Heath Card

Step 36: How not to Lose Your Status as a Permanent Resident in Canada

Step 37: Spousal Sponsorship Course – You are DONE! Wow

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