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Spousal Sponsorship Course

The complete guide to sponsoring your spouse or partner to Canada for PR

Do it yourself course, in-depth tutorial, call it what you want, this step-by-step sponsorship course will be a god-send for most people that are lucky enough to find it on the web. You may be tight on cash, or just up for the challenge. Whatever your reason is, by taking this course you are vastly improving the odds of an ‘approval’, speeding up the processing of your application, and saving thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Before you start let’s talk about it:

If you are serious about putting together your spousal sponsorship application on your own, then this tutorial is exactly what you need. Step by step, in easy-to-digest chapters, we go through just about everything involved in successfully sponsoring a spouse or partner to come and live with you in Canada.

Do you have the focus, energy, and commitment to get it done?

Then let’s start!

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the whole process:

  • what kind of office supplies you’ll need
  • how to fill out each and every one of the multiple forms you often are required to submit in a sponsorship application
  • each and every supporting document you may need – how and where to get them.

Every day, we get to help overwhelmed clients navigate the complicated immigration process. But for those who like to “do-it-yourself,” we’re happy to provide this free, clear, step-by-step article. 


Spousal Sponsorship Course Chapters - Table of Contents

Most people know our business depends on people hiring us to help them through the maze and red tape that is “immigration.” So why would we share our expertise in free, do-it-yourself articles like this? Because we believe everyone moving to a new culture to work, study, or live deserves clear and accurate information. 

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