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You will have to provide the following supporting documents when applying for a study permit:

  • A Letter of Acceptance from your DLI. This can be an electronic copy or the original letter. You should include it in your application.
    • Family members accompanying the international student to Canada do not need a Letter of Acceptance.
  • The information page of your Passport should be uploaded when you apply online. If your application for a study permit is successful, you will have to submit your original passport in order for your study permit to be placed in it.
  • Include two recent passport-sized photos with your name and date of birth on the back of each of them.


As well, you will have to provide proof of financial support. That is, you have to prove to immigration officers that you have sufficient funds for your living expenses as a student. This involves money aside from your tuition fees. The following table is the basic amount you must prove you have according to IRCC policies:

                                                             OUTSIDE QUEBEC
Persons Coming to Canada Amount of funds per year Amount of funds per month
Only the student CAD$ 10,000 CAD$ 833
First family member CAD$ 4,000 CAD$ 333
Every additional family member CAD$ 3,000 CAD$ 255
                                                                    IN QUEBEC
Persons Coming to Canada Amount of funds per year Amount of funds per month
Only the student CAD$ 11,000 CAD$ 917
First family member (18 years +) CAD$ 5,100 CAD$ 425
First family member under 18 CAD$ 3,800 CAD$ 317
Every additional member (18 +) CAD$ 5,125 CAD$ 427
Every additional member under 18 CAD$ 1,903 CAD$ 159


The following are accepted as proof of financial support for a study permit:

  • Proof of a Canadian bank account along with proof of the transfer into your Canadian bank account of sufficient funds, or
  • A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC – like a fixed term deposit) from a participating Canadian financial institution, or
  • Proof of a student loan from a bank, or
  • Bank statements for the past 4 months showing sufficient funds, or
  • A Bank Draft that can be converted to Canadian dollars of the required amount, or
  • Proof you have paid your tuition expenses and housing fees (when living on-campus), or
  • A letter from a person or school that is giving you money for your studies, or
  • Proof of funding like a scholarship paid in Canada as part of an educational program.


A Letter of Explanation should usually be included with your application. It is written by you (the international student) and should say:

  • Why you want to study in Canada, and
  • That you understand your responsibilities as an international student.

A CAQ is a document you will need if you are studying in Quebec. Your DLI in Quebec will give you the details on how to apply for one. Remember to ask about that so that you will obtain your CAQ before you submit your application for a study permit. However, if you will be studying in Quebec for less than 6 months, you do not need a CAQ.

If a minor is coming to Canada who needs a custodian, go here to download a copy of form IMM 5646 – Custodian Declaration Form. Right-click on the link and choose save link as to download it to your hard drive. Then open the document as a PDF from your Windows explorer (your computer).

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