Canadians born before 1948. British subjects=British citizens?


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So, trying to nail down some basics for a deep dive first UK passport application. Think I have a shot through the "Register as a British Citizen" option, but I'm looking for general answers first.

Okay, so grandparents on Dad's side, both born in Canada early 1900's. Grandad's parents, both born UK. Dad born in 1944 in Canada.

Grandparents on Mom's side.. one Canadian naturalized American (he naturalized in 1933) and his wife born Canadian. Both born in early 1900's. Mom born in 1944.

I know the UK Act in 1948 changed British subjects to CUKC until 1982 when Canada became independent. Think that's still a claim? Can a CUKC register as a British citizen if they were born before Jan 1, 1983? (I have another aspect I'm looking at through crown service, but I'm asking as a more general ask because my wife can't do my option).



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Thanks Canadageorge.. trying to book an appointment here to proceed, but two weeks on and no one has responded. Since I put this message out, found more proof as to my grandfather's service, which is great because the Canadian archives are backed up six years on military service record requests. Even have a picture of all the men in their town (including my grandfather) waiting at the train station for the train to arrive to take them all to basic training. Want to get this going, because I want to go to the UK in December. :)


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Did you make an appointment with Immigroup? If so, email [email protected] and put it to attention, "George."

I still think this will not be easy; I can't remember the last time we did the First UK passport because of military service; super interesting! do think you are going to need proof; remember, we deal with the British government, and photos are not going to be enough. You are going to need official documents.