Child passport under descent from CA


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Hello, I am holing some one can answer my questions below.
Child born in 2021..
Mother is British Citizen by naturalization
Father is Canadian citizen.

Attached documents list that HM office asked for.
We are applying from Canada. We sent following documents.

Applicant:-> Canadian original birth certi, color copy of Canadian passport.

They never asked for both parents birth certificate, why? <- we sent mother original birth certi, 1st page of British passport and copy of naturalization certificate (as she left it in UK).

From maternal side:-> We did not had grandmother original birth certi so we sent copy, grandfather birth certi has been lost so we sent explanation Letter with copy of his passport and his death certificate. And copy of their marriage certificate.

From paternal side:-> We sent grandfather original birth certi, original marriage certi and grandmother passport copy and death certi as we did not had original birth certi for her.

Questions are:

Will there be any problems approving application for passport?

How long does HM passport office take to start reviewing mailed documents?

We sent documents by mail, it shows it has been received on September 4 2023, today is September 6 2023 however on tracking, it kept saying "send your documents".



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The key documents required for submission are as follows:

1. Long-Form Birth Certificate of the child: This certificate should include both the child's and parents' names.

2. Mother's British Birth Certificate

3. Photocopies of all pages of the child's passport

4. Digital Passport Photos

Please ensure that both birth certificates are original documents; photocopies will not be accepted. Rest assured, these original documents will be returned to you upon completion of the process.

The entire procedure typically takes between 2-3 months, provided all documents are submitted correctly.

After your account is established and you've received preliminary approval from the HM Passport Office, you'll need to complete a Confirm Identity Form. This will be sent to you following payment of the associated fee.

Please send all required documents and await further instructions. If any documents are missing, you will be notified via email. Note that each shipment of documents via courier will incur a cost of approximately $100; regular mail is not advised.

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