Eligibility Question


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I am an American citizen and was born in California in 1994. I am an IVF baby and although both legal parents are American citizens my biological mother (the egg donor) was born to a Canadian parent in the United States. I am unsure if my biological mother ever officially obtained proof of Canadian citizenship and I do not have her birth certificate. Am I eligible for Canadian citizenship? Are there ways I can find out if she did ever obtain proof of Canadian citizenship? How does this situation fit into the application for proof of Canadian citizenship as there is only two slots for parents? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.


Toronto, Ontario
A citizenship certificate through a Canadian parent is an application that needs one important document, a long-form birth certificate. This certificate was given to your mother at the time of your birth. Ordering one is easy, even you can do it, what you would need to find out is your mother's name at the time of your birth, date of birth, and your original name.

Here is an example of the info they would need IF you were born for example in Ontario: https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-or-replace-ontario-birth-certificate#section-4

Here is the application you need to fill out (we have a paid service BUT need this certificate first): CIT 0001 F