How to Prove Common Law


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Myself and my partner have been living together for a year but in a property that my dad owns. We didn't bother changing utilities into joint names when he moved in as we didnt have any cause to at the to e. We also dont have a joint bank account. We can do this now but im concerned about how to provide proof for the last 12 months. We havent initiated an application yet but dont want to have to wait another 12 months if we can avoid it. Does anyone know of any alternatives? He can prove the sale of his property and my dad can write a letter, but there is no lease. Would that be enough? Any advice is welcome. Thank you

Riley Haas

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Do you have IDs that show you both living there? That would be the first step. And any mail addressed to both of you (or mail addressed to each of you).

And yes, your father should submit an affidavit about this.