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Good afternoon,

I'm in the process of applying for spousal sponsorship and have a few questions.
1. I'm planning to apply and travel back home in a month for 1,5 months to celebrate a wedding. Would a trip back home affect on my application? Should I mention it in a history of a relationship letter?
2. I had already paid for the application fee which is 1,050$ but didn't send the application yet. Will I need to write an explanation letter If I request a refund and re-apply after I arrive back to Toronto?
3. The "country specific requirements" for my country is providing a labor book. I never worked back home and came to Toronto to study when I was 18 years old. What should I do in this case?

I would appreciate any help.


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1. Personal trips don't effect your sponsorship application
2. Paying your government fee is not the same as processing your application. Things only matter after you have paid the fee AND sent the application.
3. I am not sure what you are asking. If you never work you simply put that.

A few of your questions concern me, it gives me the feeling you don't have a lot of experience with government procedures. I strongly recommend you take a Sponsorship course or hire someone to review your package before filing. Here is a free course:


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I appreciate your help. Do you know if there is any deadline for submitting the application once payment is made?