Two on the same passport in 1996 -


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Hi, my brother is born in UK in january 1993 and I am born in UK in may 1996.
We had a child passport GBR for both of us and issued in june 1996 with ours birth certificates. ( my mum (French) was naturalised british in 1997)
The passport was immediately issued one month after my birth without registering.
Because I was only one month's old, I was noted on P3 ( with my name - date of birth ) - Number of children : 1.
At this time, under 16, brothers or sisters was added on the elder'passport.
I wish to renew the passport, but the home office said it is not my passport. How to prove I am british citizen.
although I been noted in my brother's passport, why this important information is not considered.
Thank you