Will my child be considered a British Citizen

kairo khan

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Hi, firstly, I hope you are all well. I just wanted to confirm if my child, who was recently born abroad, whilst in the process of waiting on a decision on a spouse visa application, is considered a British citizen, based on his father, me, being born in the United Kingdom? Whilst both his grandparents, although having British passports and being British Citizens by what I'm assuming is naturalisation? Having been both born abroad also? With me the only one being British by birth ie as in the only one born in England.

Many thanks in advance.

Ps. I have a follow up question.


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Yes, your child is eligible for a First British Passport. The most important document is the father's UK Birth Certificate. You will have to send this document to HM Passport Office (you will get it back).

If you need our help with this application, here is the link: https://britishpassport.ca/first/

Here is an article showing you how to do this process yourself: https://britishpassport.ca/faqs/apply/