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There will be times you will need the feedback of an expert. This page will help you make sure you are getting the best value for your consultation. Some consultations are free, but most are paid.

Who should pay for a consultation?

I just what to save time in researching: A paid consultation is perfect for people who are looking to get a strong foundation on a particular immigration matter. This will save you a lot of time directing your energy in the right direction and removing a lot of confusion.


I did all the research but have a few unanswered questions I can’t seem to get a straight answer for? A paid consultation is perfect for you.


If you need your application also reviewed with your consultation, please go to this page.


Free consultations: we only offer free consultation to Spousal Sponsorship & international marriage papers (marriage to a foreigner). Please go here to learn more.

How does the service work?

  1. Complete your order from below.
  2. One to two business days your consultant will contact you and arrange an appointment date that works for both of you.
  3. You will be sent instructions before your appointment date on how to connect with your consultant (example: phone or video conference)

Tip: consultation fees are deducted from the full-service fee.



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