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Alberta’s AINP Self-Employed Farmer stream is an opportunity for those looking for investment opportunities in Alberta’s agricultural sector. The main requirements are experience at running a farm and the ability to invest a significant amount of capital in the proposed business.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must provide proof of farm management experience, such as the following:
    • Financial documents that detail an existing farm business
    • Documentation that details:
      • Level of education
      • Training
      • Work experience
    • A business plan for your proposed farming enterprise in Alberta
    • Proof that a Canadian Financial Institution is willing to finance your proposed farming enterprise in Alberta
  • The applicant must have a personal net worth of CAD$500,000 or documented proof of the ability to raise a similar amount from Canadian Financial institutions.
  • The applicant must invest a minimum of CAD$500,000 in the proposed farming business and may be required by the AINP to invest a higher amount.
  • The proposed business should be in primary production in the agricultural sector and be outlined in a detailed business plan.
  • The AINP prioritizes those proposed businesses that meet Alberta’s agri-food targets.

Ineligible Applicants

The following applicants are considered ineligible by the AINP:

  • Refugee claimants
  • People involved in a federal appeal or removal process
  • Live-in caregivers currently in Canada
  • Temporary workers living and working in a province other than Alberta
  • International students studying in Canada, including those doing co-op work or internships.

How to Apply

To contact the Alberta Agriculture & Forestry and obtain more information on the AINP Self-Employed Farmer stream:

  • Phone (001) (403) 742 7901
  • In Alberta phone toll-free: 310 3276 or 1-866 882 7677
  • Email: [email protected]

You will normally be asked to attend an interview with an Alberta Government official who will determine your eligibility under AINP’s Self-Employed Farmer stream.

You should research the province’s agricultural sector and consider taking a business trip to the province in order to examine investment opportunities in the sector as a prelude to putting together a business plan that you then present to the AINP.

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