Yukon Immigration Provincial Nominee Program

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The Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

The Yukon Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration program operated on behalf of the Government of Yukon by the Ministry of Employment and Immigration in conjunction with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to speed up the processing of an application for permanent residence.

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About Yukon Territory

  • Population: 31,000
  • Land Mass: 483,000km2
  • Capital City: Whitehorse
  • Major Cities/Attractions: Whitehorse
  • Major Industries: Mining
  • Official Language: English
  • GDP Per Capital: $51,154

Interesting Fact: The term “Yukon” is an aboriginal word meaning “Great River”. The territory is named after the Yukon River.

The Yukon Territory is located in the northwestern corner of Canada and borders the U.S. state of Alaska to the west. To the east is Canada’s Northwest Territories and to the south, the Province of British Columbia. Yukon is the smallest of Canada’s three territories and has a low population. It is also home to Canada’s highest mountain, Mount Logan.


Industries in Yukon

Yukon’s historical major industry has been mining (lead, zinc, silver, gold, asbestos and copper). The government sector is by far the biggest employer in the territory, directly employing approximately 5,000 out of a labour force of 12,500. Yukon also benifits from a growing tourism economy.


The Climate of Yukon

Northern Yukon has a artic climate and a humid continentel climate in the south.

Below is a table showing the average seasonal temperatures in Yukon by city/town.

City/Town Average temp °C July Average temp °C January
Whitehorse 21/8 -13/-23
Dawson City 23/8 -23/-31
Old Crow 21/9 -27/-36


About the Yukon Immigrant Nominee Program

This Program is designed to support the province’s economic growth by attracting foreign workers. Individuals nominated by the Province of Yukon, together with their spouse and dependent children, are eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa as a Provincial Nominee. Immigroup helps applicants wishing to live and work in the province under the following Provincial Nominee Programs:


Yukon Skilled Worker Nominee Program

The Skilled Worker Program is designed to attract qualified individuals who can help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in the province who cannot be found within the current territorial or national labour market. Applicants with a permanent, full-time employment offer from a local employer with the required education, work experience, and other criteria can apply for the Skilled Worker program.


Yukon Critical Impact Worker Stream

This category is for individuals who are currenlty working in Yukon or are overseas and wish to permanently settle in Yukon. To be eligible for this category you must have a full time job offer and you must complete a language proviciency exam.


Yukon Business/Entrepreneur Nominee Program

The Business Nominee Program operates under an agreement with the Government of Canada and allows the Government of the province to nominate for immigration to Canada those individuals with proven business skills who want to live in Yukon, and who want to own and operate a business and make a significant contribution to the community. Potential immigrants should be able to invest $150,000 into establishing or purchasing a business and have a net worth of $250,000. Applicants must submit a detailed business plan and prove they have the education and experience needed to run a business.

PNP Draw Points Cut-Offs

Some of the PNP streams for the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba use the same scoring system as Express Entry. Here are the cut-offs for 2021:


PNP Invitations


British Columbia PNP Points Cut-Offs

British Columbia uses its own scoring system:


British Columbia PNP Notifiations


BC Entrepreneur PNP Points Cut-Offs


BC Entrepreneur PNP Notifications


Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Points Cut-Offs

Saskatchewan uses its own scoring system


Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Notifications

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