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When immigrating to Canada, one of the biggest decisions you will make is which province to move to. There are a number of factors that go into choosing the ideal province for you, educational needs, medical needs, family and friends location, employment opportunity, and perhaps most importantly, cost of living.

The Best Province to Settle in When Moving to Canada

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When immigrating to Canada, one of the biggest decisions you will make is which province to move to. There are a number of factors that go into choosing the ideal province for you, educational needs, medical needs, family and friends location, employment opportunity, and perhaps most importantly, cost of living.



Educational Needs

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Of course, if you have been accepted to one of Canada’s many educational universities and colleges, then your province of choice has already been decided! If, however, you are thinking about where your children will go to stchool, you may not have made up your mind yet.

Canada has many universities, colleges, private career institutions, and vocational schools to offer. Each of these schools has programs unique to them and specific requirements that must be met in order to gain acceptance. If you are considering applying to and attending any of these institutions, you need to apply prior to coming to Canada. Not only will student status grant a study permit for temporary residence, but acceptance ensures that you will have an educational opportunity in a province before moving there.

If you are still uncertain of which educational institution you would like to apply to, below is a list of the ten most popular universities in Canada for your perusal.

University Location Top Programs
University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario Arts and Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering
University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia Anthropology, and Arts and Sciences
Simon Fraser University Burnaby, British Columbia Science and Engineering
McGill University Montreal, Quebec Law, Medicine, and Engineering
University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Humanities, Sciences, Creative Arts, Engineering, Business, and Health Services
University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario Math, Engineering, Science, and Psychology
University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta Business, Medicine, and Engineering
McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario Science and Engineering
Universite de Montreal Montreal, Quebec Science and Medicine
York University Toronto, Ontario Humanities, Arts, and Business


Medical Needs

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Only citizens and permanent residents of Canada may access health care under the Canadian public healthcare system. Whether you plan on becoming a citizen or not, however, you may still need access to medical care after immigrating.

If you have special medical needs or if a member of your family has a special medical need, it is important to consider the availability of medical care before settling in Canada. Canada has many excellent hospitals and doctors, but if you need a specific type of medical care, it is crucial to make sure that you have access to this in any province you are considering relocating to.

Below is a summary of some of the best specialty medical institutions in the Canadian provinces.

Hospital Name Location Specialty
Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, Ontario Pediatrics
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Toronto, Ontario Addiction and Mental Health
Women’s College Hospital Toronto, Ontario Women’s Health
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Toronto, Ontario Pediatric Rehabilitation
University Health Network Toronto, Ontario Research Hospital
Institut de Cardiologie de l’Universite d’Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario Cardiology
Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital Montrea, Quebec Neurology
Kidney Foundation of Canada Northern Alberta Montreal, Quebec Nephrology
Clinique de Fertilite Ovo Montreal, Quebec Human Fertility
Cancer Care Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba Oncology
British Columbia Lung Centre Vancouver, British Columbia Pulmonology


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If you are planning to move to Canada to be closer to friends and family, then you likely already know which province you want to move to. It is important to keep in mind, however, that being close to family and friends does not necessarily mean that you have to live in the same province. For example, if your family lives in Cleardale, Alberta, it is feasible for you to live in any city within driving distance, such as Dawson Creek, British Colombia.

Assuming that you are willing and able to travel a reasonable distance to visit with family or friends, this opens up the possibility to consider other criteria when choosing your destination province.

Employment Opportunities

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If you are moving to Canada in search of employment, it is highly advisable to secure a position prior to moving. Even though a job offer doesn’t get you as many points in Express Entry as it used to, Securing employment will still give you a leg up in your Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) score, and it will prevent you from having to look for a job once you have landed.  It is possible to immigrate to Canada without an offer of employment if you qualify.

If you are currently researching Canadian provinces for employment opportunities, planning on moving before obtaining employment or planning on setting up your own business after moving, it’s important to know which provinces are best matched to your industry of choice.

Get a Job Offer from a Canadian Employer

Below is a list of the Canadian provinces and the industrial sectors with the strongest economic presence in those provinces.

Province Industrial Sector
Ontario Automobile industry, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Journalism, and Health Care
Quebec Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Electric Power, and Paper and Pump
British Columbia Construction, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Technology, Mining, Lumber, Health Care, and Social Assistance
Alberta Oil and Gas Production, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Government
Manitoba Agriculture, Mining, Energy, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Social Assistance
Saskatchewan Professional Services, Health Care, Dairy Farming, Oil and Gas, and Social Assistance
Nova Scotia Natural Resources, Health Care, Education, and Social Assistance
New Brunswick Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology, Lumber, and Social Assistance
Newfoundland and LAbrador Public Administration, Health Care, Social Assistance, Mining, Natural Resources, Fishing, and Forestry
Prince edward Island Public Administration, Health Care, and Social Assistance
Northest Territories Mining, Construction, Health Services, Public Administration, Fishing, Arts and Crafts, and Tourism
Yukon Retail, Construction, Public Administration, Food Services, Accommodations, Mining, Fishing, Forestry, Trapping, and Agriculture
Nunavut Mining, Fishing, Hunting, and Arts and Crafts

Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Canada by province in 2002 dollars

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Cost of living should also play into your decision to relocate to a specific Canadian province. Cost of living translates to your ability to sustain your lifestyle, to pay for food, housing, health care needs, and taxes, etc. Based on your savings, offered employment, and future employment plans, you need to be able to cover these expenses comfortably in order to live happily in your new home.

Based on the goods and services that could be purchased with $100 2002 Canadian dollars in 2018, Alberta is the most advantageous province for relocation when it comes to the cost of living. In 2018, $100 Canadian dollars from 2002 could purchase $132.60 worth of goods and services.

Alberta isn’t the only province to consider relocating to, however. The table below shows the four biggest provinces by population in order from most bang for the buck to least.

Province The Value of Goods and Services that can Be Purchased
(in Canadian 2002 Dollars)
Alberta $139.80
ontario $134.20
Quebec $128.60
British Columbia $127.10



Which Province is the Best Choice for You to Settle in?

Choosing which province is best for you to immigrate to should depend on a combination of educational needs, medical needs, family and friends’ location, employment opportunity, and cost of living that works for you. Prioritize which of these factors is most important to you and build your future in Canada from there!

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