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Alberta Post Graduate Worker Category – This immigration program is closed

The Alberta Post Graduate Worker Program enables students who are currently working for an Alberta employer have graduated from a recognized post secondary institute in Alberta to apply for permanent residency under the Alberta immigrant nominee program. Under this program you do not need a job offer.


Alberta Graduate PNP Application Steps

Here are the steps in the process:

  1. Apply to the province to be nominated.
  2. The province will assess whether you and your employer are eligible to be nominated.
  3. If you are found eligible, the province will issue you a letter of nomination.
  4. Apply to Citizenship and immigration Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program.
  5. CIC will require you to undergo a Medical examination and they will perform a security background check. (Under the PNP category, CIC will only assess the applicant on medical examination and security background check and not on other grounds.)
  6. CIC will issue you permanent residence status.


Alberta Graduate PNP Candidate Criteria

To be eligible for this category you must:

  • Be working full-time in Alberta in a eligible occupation, at the time of application, for an Alberta employer;
  • Have graduated from a recognized post secondary institute in Alberta with a certificate, diploma or degree (Minimum 1 year course);
  • Clearly show in your application that you intend to live permanently in Alberta;
  • Have related education, training, work experience, and any Alberta licensing needed for the position to meet the AINP criteria;
  • Have a current and valid Post-Graduation Work Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
  • Be currently working in a NOC 0, A, B or C occupation;
  • If you are working in a NOC C occupation you will be required to write a language proficiency exam.

Please note: If you did not graduate in Alberta, but you graduated in another province you may be eligible to apply under the Alberta International Graduate Category.


If working in a NOC C occupation, you must submit official test results showing that you meet the minimum language standards, and your test results cannot be more than two years old at the time of application to the AINP. The only official test results that the AINP will accept are listed below, along with the minimum language standards. If you do not have test results or your test results are more than two years old, go to the Language Test Centre section of the AINP website for up-to-date information on testing availability:


You are not eligible if:

  • you are working in a NOC D occupation or an ineligible occupation.
  • If you are a Refugee claimant, or you are involved in a federal appeal or removal process.
  • you are a live in caregiver currently living in Canada
  • you are a temporary foreign worker, working and residing in a province other than Alberta


Alberta Graduate Forms and applications:

If you are an international graduate applying under the Strategic Recruitment Stream (SRS), download the AINP SRS Post-Graduate Worker Category Document Checklist  which outlines all forms and supporting documents required to apply to the AINP and where to mail the application forms.


Alberta Graduate PNP Candidate Forms

As an applicant you are required to fill out and submit these forms:


Other Documents for the Alberta Graduate Stream

  • A copy of your valid passport and a  copy of the passport of each accompanying dependent/spouse;
  • A copy of your current and previous (if available) work permit;
  • a certified true copy of your degree, diploma or certificate and transcripts from a recognized Alberta post-secondary institution;
  • a copy of your most recent pay check which should include hourly rate, total hours worked and deductions;
  • If you are working in a regulated occupation in Alberta, you need a copy of your valid certification, registration or license;
  • If you are working in a NOC C occupation you will need to include a copy of your official language test results.
  • Provide one of the following documents:
    • Current job description on company letterhead including:
      • Job title
      • Main duties of the job
      • Start date
      • Working conditions (e.g. hours of work, salary, benefits)
      • Education required
      • Skills and knowledge necessary for duties
      • Relevant work experience required
    • Current job offer letter, signed by Alberta Employer, including job description
    • Current employment contract, signed by Alberta Employer and Candidate including job description


You will also need to fill out and submit copies only of the following CIC forms

You and your spouse/common-law partner, and any dependants over 18 (if applicable) must each complete and submit copies of the following CIC forms:


Please note:

  • When sending supporting documents along with your application, make sure that they are certified.
  • Send all of the AINP forms including employer forms and Copies only of the CIC forms and supporting documents to the AINP processing centre.
  • Do not send the original CIC forms in your application to the AINP. You will send the originals to CIC after you have been nominated.
  • Alberta does not charge fees for the process.
  • You are required to pay the Citizenship and Immigration fees when submitting your application to the CIC. You can download the payment form from the CIC website.


Alberta Graduate PNP Fees

  • Principal Applicant -$550
  • Each accompanying family members who are 22 or older- $550
  • Each accompanying family members who are less than 22 yrs of age -$150
  • After Permanent residency is granted the principal applicant and each accompanying family member who is over the age of 22 yrs must pay the right of permanent residency fee -$490

You can pay this fee online on the CIC website or download the payment form and mail it with your application.


Where to Submit Your Application for the Alberta Graduate Stream

Once you have completed all of the forms and gathered all the necessary documents, mail the application to the following address.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
Strategic recruitment stream-Post graduate worker category
Government of Alberta
Suite 940, Telus Plaza North Tower
10025 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 1S6


After you have been nominated, send the CIC forms and supporting documents (including the nomination letter) to the following address.

Centralized Intake Office – PNP
PO BOX 1450
Sydney, NS  B1P 6K5

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