Marrying and Sponsoring a Bahamian Citizen

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Marriage to a Bahamian Citizen

Every country has its own laws that apply to its citizens marrying a person from a different country. Getting married to a Bahamian citizen with the goal of eventually bringing them to Canada to live is a process with many steps.

You must demonstrate to Bahamian officials that they are not currently married to anyone else – either you have never been married or all divorces are finalized – that your identity is proven, and that you have never committed any crimes in Bahamas. This is done by providing various documents including an Affidavit of Single Status to the Bahamian government either in Bahamas or via a Bahamian embassy.

If you want to bring your Bahamian spouse or partner to live in Canada, you must then file a sponsorship application for them to become a permanent resident. If they would like to visit you in Canada while their application is in process, they must also apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). For more information, please see our family sponsorship page and our eTA page.


Bahamian Marriage Basic Requirements

Couples who are planning to get married in the Bahamas must obtain a license from the registrar general. The legal marrying age in Bahamas is 18 years.

The marriage license granted is valid for 3 months and after the marriage ceremony a marriage duplicate register is required to be sent to the registry by the marriage officer.

Before the couple can get married they must meet the following conditions;

  • Completed application for a marriage license
  • Picture ID either the driver’s license of passport
  • Go through an interview

Canadians are not required to have a visa to enter Bahamas and they can remain there for a maximum of 8 months.

The following documents are, however, needed:

  • Canadian passport with an expiry date of more than 3 months after leaving Bahamas and more than 6 months if transiting through Bahamas
  • Return ticket

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Bahamian Marriage Ceremony

The marriage ceremony to a Bahamian citizen can legally take place in Bahamas, Canada, or any other country as long as both parties have the necessary visas to enter this country legally. This marriage can then be recognized when applying for a permanent residence or an eTA for your Bahamian spouse. To learn more about ceremony customs, see below.


Family Members

If your Bahamian spouse has dependent children, this does not affect the Bahamian Marriage document application.

If you have dependent children, they have no effect on the application to marry a Bahamian citizen.


How long is the Bahamian Marriage document valid?

The document is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. If you do not marry your Bahamian fiancé within 6 months of the issuance of the Bahamian Marriage document, you must apply again with new supporting documents.


List of Bahamian Consulates in Canada

Bahamian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada


About Bahamas

  • A chain of islands located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean Southeast of Florida
  • The weather is tropical marine with moderate warm waters of gulf stream. The islands also have long, flat coral formations with low rounded hills
  • Hurricanes, tropical storms and strong winds cause extensive flooding and damage to infrastructure
  • The country code for Bahamas is 242 so calling is dialling 011 – 242 – area code – local numbers


Canadian Consulate in Nassau, the Bahamas

Shirley Street Plaza

P.O. Box SS-6371

Nassau, Bahamas

Telephone: (+1 242) 393-2123 / 4

Fax: (+1 242) 393-1305

E-mail [email protected]


If you would like to know more about marrying a Bahamian citizen, please let us know!

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