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Manitoba PNP For Business Owners

Aside from the Skilled Worker stream, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has a second stream as of 2015, the Business stream, or MPNP-B. MPNP-B nominates individuals who meet the Eligibility Requirements. These are applicants who:

  • Intend to reside in Manitoba with their dependent family members;
  • Intend to invest in a new or existing business in Manitoba, and assume an active role in that business;
  • Have a minimum, verifiable personal net worth of CAD$350,000 or more;
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of business ownership and management experience, OR
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a senior manager of a business at the executive level;
  • Score a minimum of 60 points in MPNP-B’s Adaptability Matrix (see below).

If you are interested in being a Business applicant you should be prepared to:

  • Attend an interview with an MPNP-B officer;
  • Ensure that you are making an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba (see below);
  • Reside in Manitoba along with your dependent family members;
  • Provide the results of language proficiency tests should you be required to do so;
  • Make an Exploratory Visit as a Business Applicant to Manitoba. We will cover this in detail below.

Note that meeting the above eligibility requirements does not guarantee you will be nominated, but rather that you are eligible to apply, and then to be assessed by the MPNP-B.




Our Manitoba Business PNP Services

Immigroup representation CDN $1500 + tax
PNP application for Manitoba fee CDN $2,500 + deposit
Permanent residence application fee CDN $550 *
Right of permanent residence fee CDN $490 * CDN $490 *

* Government fees are based on only one person in the application. Fees will vary depending on number of persons included in application. Applicants may be required to pay additional fees for medical exams, police certificates, language assessments, courier fees or adding dependents to the application.

We guarantee that your application will be accurate and complete, and in accordance with Canadian immigration law. Book a consultation appointment to get started. At your consultation appointment, we will ask you additional qualifying questions, and answer any questions you may have. We charge a fee of CDN $150 + HST for this consultation. This fee will be deducted from our total fees if you retain our services. For more information please call Immigroup (416)962-2623.

Average time to complete application by Immigroup: 2-4 weeks.

Eligible Business Investments for the Manitoba PNP

  • Your investment of personal assets should be no less than CAD$150,000 in tangible assets. You may, however, include working capital in accordance with industry standards as defined by Industry Canada. In this case the total investment, including working capital, should be no less than CAD$150,000.
  • If you will be investing in an existing business, your investment should be at least 33.33% of the equity of the business, or be at least CAD$1 million in size.
  • You cannot count investment in personal assets, like a home or a personal vehicle, as an investment in the business.
  • Investments made for the primary purpose of deriving passive income will not be counted by MPNP-B.


Eligible Business Activities for the Manitoba PNP

  • A business should have ongoing and recurring activities in Manitoba.
  • You must actively participate in the ongoing management of the business from within the province of Manitoba.
  • You must be investing in a legal and viable business for which you have the necessary skills and resources to operate.
  • Speculative and passive investment schemes will not qualify. Your business must add value to the Manitoba economy.


Ineligible Applicants for the Manitoba PNP Business Program

The following applications are ineligible and will not be accepted by the MPNP-B, from those who:

  • Have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada;
  • Are in Canada illegally;
  • Are subject to a removal order in Canada;
  • Are prohibited from entering Canada;
  • Have a pending application with another provincial nominee program in Canada;
  • Have a prior MPNP-B application refused within the last 12 months;
  • Have a prior MPNP-B application refused for misrepresentation of falsification in the last 24 months.

The following applicants may also be ineligible:

  • Those who have self-assessed points in their Expression of Interest, EOI, greater than the points assessed by MPNP-B;
  • Those who have been refused by another provincial or federal immigration program in Canada;
  • Those who have children and/or close relatives residing in another province or territory of Canada;
  • Those unable to prove that their income and net worth were legally obtained;
  • Those unable to demonstrate they have the necessary skills and resources to own and operate their intended business;
  • Those who, or whose dependent family members, may have a serious medical condition;
  • Those who, or whose dependent family members 18 and older, have a criminal record;
  • Those who have unresolved custody or child support disputes.


Senior Management Exprience Requirements for the Manitoba PNP

For those applying to MPNP-B under the Senior Management experience category, you must show experience with significant decision-making responsibilities in at least 2 of the following areas:

  • Distribution;
  • Production, Operations, or Project Management;
  • Purchasing;
  • Sales;
  • Marketing;
  • Finance;
  • Accounting;
  • Human Resources/ Personnel;
  • Research and Development;
  • Information Technology Management;
  • Quality Control.

You must also show that your income as a Senior Manager in your home country or previous county of residence was commensurate with other senior positions at major companies, and you must prove this with verifiable documentation.


MPNP-B’s Adaptability Index (Points System)

Like the points assessment in the Skilled Worker stream, the adaptability index is designed to evaluate how successfully you will be able to settle in Manitoba and establish an ongoing business. In order to be nominated, you must score at least 60 out of 100 points as follows:


Age Points for the Manitoba Business PNP

Age at Submission Points
Younger than 21 0
21-24 5
25-29 10
30-44 15
45-49 10
50-54 5
Older than 54 0

Maximum total of 15 points


Business Knowledge Points for the Manitoba PNP

Verifiable Business Knowledge Points
Business Owner & Manager (More than 50% ownership) 15
Business Owner & Manager (50% – 20% ownership) 12
Senior Manager 10
  • You must have 3 years of experience out of the past 5 as a business owner;
  • If you have multiple businesses, only the % ownership of your principal business will be counted;
  • If your spouse owns shares of the same business, your combined % total will be considered;
  • If you own less than 20% of a business, you must apply as a senior manager.
  • Maximum total of 15 points.


Business Experience Points for the Manitoba PNP

Verifiable Business Experience Points
10 years or more 15
6 – 10 years 10
3 – 6 years 5
Less than 3 years 0
  • Only business ownership or senior management experience will count towards length of experience. Self-employed business experience does not count for any points.
  • Maximum total of 15 points.


Net Worth Points for the Manitoba Business PNP

Your Verifiable Net Work at Submission Points
CAD$350,000 – CAD$500,000 8
CAD$500,000 – CAD$1 Million 10
CAD$1 Million – CAD$1.5 Million 12
CAD$1.5 Million – CAD$2 Million 13
CAD$2 Million – CAD$2.5 Million 14
Above CAD$2.5 Million 15

Maximum total of 15 points


Language Ability Points for the Manitoba Business PNP

English and/or French Fluency Canadian Language Benchmark
or Equivalent Score
No or minimal  English/French Language Skills Less than 4 0
Communicate well in most everyday situations 4-6 15
Communicate very well and are fluent Above 6 20
  • You should take an IELTS, CELPIP (Canada), or TEF, or an equivalent recognized language test;
  • You must have taken the tests no more than 2 years before you submit an Expression of Interest and you must submit the official test results with your full application;
  • Maximum total of 20 points.

Go here for your IELTS score calculator. Go here for your CELPIP score calculator. Go here for your TEF score calculator. These links will allow you to convert your test scores into CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) scores.


Settlement Factor Points – Ties to Manitoba

Settlement Factors Points
You have made an exploratory visit to Manitoba for at least 5 working days 15
Close relative residing in Manitoba for at least 1 year 5
Child enrolled in an accredited Manitoba institution for at least 6 months 5
Spouse with high language proficiency – CLB 5 or higher 10
You, or spouse or common-law partner completed a full-time program of at least 1 year at a Manitoba post-secondary institution using a valid study permit – OR – You or spouse/partner have completed at least 6 months of full-time continuous employment in Manitoba 5

Maximum total of 20 points

  • The Exploratory Visit must take place no more than 1 year prior to submitting your Expression Of Interest;
  • Close relative must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident residing in Manitoba for at least 1 year;
  • Child’s schooling in Manitoba must be supported by documentation.


Expression of Interest for the Manitoba Business PNP

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is an indication that you would like to be considered for a Nomination Application to the MPNP-B. It is used to evaluate which potential candidates are most likely to succeed in settling in Manitoba and establish ongoing business ventures. While no documentation is required and it is free, you must submit accurate information, or you risk having your Nomination Application refused at a later date if any misrepresentation on your part becomes evident.

While there are no deadlines to submit an EOI, any EOI you submit will be assessed in terms of the criteria in place at the time the MPNP-B issues a Letter of Advice to Apply. In other words, at the time they make a final decision on your EOI submission. The MPNP-B is not obligated to assess your EOI on the basis of the criteria in place when you submitted your Expression of Interest.


How to Submit Your Expression of Interest to the Manitoba Business PNP

  1. Open an account at MPNP Online’s website with a username and password. You must have an active email address to do this.
  2. Read the questions carefully and complete all of them. Incomplete EOI submissions will not be accepted.
  3. Before submitting your EOI, save and print a PDF copy of your submission by using the preview function.
  4. You can log off and on and complete your submission in several sessions – your information will be saved if you log off correctly. If your session is inactive for more than 15 minutes then it will be closed automatically without saving the information you have entered.
  5. Any representative you use must register with the MPNP. Authorized representatives must present their submission (on your behalf) using their username assigned to them by the MPNP. Otherwise the submission will not be accepted.
  6. From time to time, the MPNP-B will choose the highest-scoring EOI applicants in the Business stream, and issuing them a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). The MPNP-B will display summary reports of these selections on their website, in order for you to better understand what scores and other criteria are needed to be issued an LAA.
  7. A Letter of Advice to Apply, or LAA, may be issued shortly after you submit your EOI, so constantly check with the MPNP Online site.
  8. Once you receive your LAA, you will have 60 days to submit a complete Nomination Application:
    • Go here to download an application kit. Remember you must receive a Letter of Advice to Apply or your Nomination Application will not be accepted.
    • An Application Processing Fee of CAD$2,500 must be included with the Nomination Application. The Fee is non-refundable so you will not get your money back regardless of whether or not your Nomination Application is accepted. You are also responsible for any fees when you apply to CIC for your Permanent Resident visa.
    • MPNP-B has not yet established an online Credit Card payment system, so you must pay by Bank Draft payable in Canadian Funds (Canadian Dollars).
    • As mentioned below under Business Intent, once your Nomination Application has been accepted by the MPNP-B, you will then have to give a good faith deposit of CAD$100,000 which is refundable when the terms of your Deposit Agreement are fulfilled. See below for more information.
  9. Your EOI will remain in consideration for selection for 1 year, and then be removed if you do not receive an LAA. You will have to submit a new EOI in that case. You may wish to improve your language scores or try to increase your net worth and business experience before you do so, however.


Exploratory Visits for the Manitoba Business PNP

An Exploratory Visit is a fact-finding visit, which you take on your own initiative, to Manitoba to research business opportunities and to determine where you will likely settle in the province. You are encouraged to make an Exploratory Visit by the MPNP-B, as it adds to your knowledge of, and connection to, Manitoba.

  • An Exploratory Visit can add 15 points to your EOI score as well.
  • You should visit before you submit your EOI or full application, but not more than 1 year before submitting your EOI.
  • Your visit should last a minimum of 5 business days, not including travelling days, but it is recommended you stay for a longer period to enable you to familiarize yourself with business opportunities and lifestyle aspects of the province.
  • An Exploratory Visit will give you vital information on establishing or investing in a business in Manitoba:
    • Identifying business and general start-up costs;
    • Identifying costs of leasing or purchasing a business space
    • How to purchase tools and equipment;
    • How to hire skilled labour in the province;
    • Analyzing competitors, targeted customers, and suppliers in your chosen area of business.
  • An Exploratory Visit will help you gain valuable information on living in Manitoba:
    • Examining aspects of moving to Manitoba and the costs involved;
    • Examining available schooling for your children;
    • Examining housing availability; whether rental or purchased;
    • Researching the cost of living in the province;
    • Researching available services for newcomers to Manitoba.

After your visit, you will have to put together an Exploratory Visit Report as part of your Nomination Application. Be sure to carefully record the information you research as well as any meetings with stakeholders and business advisors (lawyers, accountants, consultants … etc.) Remember if you do make an Exploratory Visit, you are then required to submit an Exploratory Visit Report along with your Nomination Application

It is up to you to have the necessary travel documents (visitor visas for example) and to arrange and pay for the visit yourself. The MPNP-B cannot sponsor your Exploratory Visit nor intervene should you be refused a temporary visa. While there is no format you need to follow, the Exploratory Visit Report should include the following:

  • Describe all activities undertaken during your visit.
  • Cover your entire stay in Canada, including any visits to other provinces.
  • Include: photographs, airline tickets, boarding passes, hotel receipts, business cards, and any other records of your activity during your stay. Photocopies of Winnipeg Jets season tickets will not be accepted.
  • Do not include: brochures, maps, post cards, Blue Bomber’s playing cards, or information booklets.


Summary of Business Intent for the Manitoba Business PNP

This is basically your business plan to establish a viable ongoing business in Manitoba. It is a vital piece of your Nomination Application. An Exploratory Visit is considered very helpful in order for you to gather the information you need to put together a convincing Summary of Business Intent. It is used for:

  • Establishing that you have a well thought-out idea that has a good chance of succeeding as a business in Manitoba;
  • Ascertaining whether you meet the minimum investment criteria, and will be taking an active role in managing the business;
  • Determining the terms and conditions of the Deposit Agreement under which your deposit with the MPNP-B will be released back to you. As a Nominated Applicant – one whose Nomination Application has been accepted – you will be required to submit a good-faith deposit of CAD$100,000. Once the investment described in your Deposit Agreement is made, the deposit is refundable to you, without interest. Prior to your arriving in Manitoba as a Permanent Resident, if you withdraw your application, your deposit will be refunded to you. If you decide not to go ahead with your business venture, or an equivalent one, after having arrived in Manitoba as a Permanent Resident, your good faith deposit may not be returned to you. In other words, MPNP-B wants to ensure that your business venture actually goes ahead and your planned investment in Manitoba is actually carried out. Your Summary of Business Intent will help establish what spending and other goals you must meet for your deposit to be refunded.


Guide to Writing a Summary of Business Intent for the Manitoba PNP

  1. First outline your Business Idea or Venture:
    • Include description of proposed business idea;
    • What products or services your business will provide;
    • What market segment your business will compete in;
    • Who your target customers are;
    • What geographic coverage – local , provincial, or national – your business will have
    • Identify if it is a new business, or the partial or total takeover of an existing one.
  2. Give Personal Details and how they relate to your proposed business:
    • Your education: how does it relate to your business idea?
    • Do you have business experience?
    • Is your business experience in the same area as your business idea?
    • Is your existing knowledge and experience applicable to your idea?
    • Do you have other qualifications or skills relevant to your idea?
    • What are your language skills, and barriers?
  3. Critical Factors:
    • What government regulations will impact your proposed business? Environmental? Municipal zoning? Health regulations? Labour regulations?
    • Will you require specialized insurance due to your proposed business?
    • What other challenges do you anticipate to your business?
  4. Market Analysis:
    • What is the estimated size of your market? Is it local, regional, national, or export-oriented?
    • What segment of the market will your business target? High-end? Retail? Discount?
    • What growth prospects does your target market present? What are industry forecasts like?
    • What type of customers will you target? Provide demographic data.
    • List your competitors and explain how you will compete and how you will differentiate your product/service from those of your competitors.
    • What marketing and promotion efforts will you need to establish your proposed idea as a viable business?
  5. Resource Requirements:
    • Location and distribution: where will your business be located? Close to suppliers and customers and trucking routes?
    • Will your premises be owned or leased?
    • What plant and equipment will your proposed business need? Will there be special plant or equipment needs?
    • Identify your suppliers and give a contingency plan should one of them become unavailable.
    • How will you distribute your product? Retail stores? Internet? Door-to-door?
    • Will you be the exclusive distributor or will you sell to other retailers?
    • Will you be using outside professional services? Accountants? Lawyers? Web developers? Marketing consultants? Or will it be done in-house?
  6. Human Resources
    • Provide an organization chart for your business, and demonstrate that you will have an active, day to day role in managing the business.
    • If employing workers, what strategies do you have for finding, hiring, and keeping workers?
    • Have you taken into account federal and provincial health and safety occupational regulations? Or regulations governing wages?
    • If not employing accountants for payroll issues, are you familiar with required payroll deductions in Canada and Manitoba? These include: Income Tax, Employment Insurance (EI), and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) deductions.
  7. Financial Feasibility
    • How much capital will you require to start-up the business?
    • How much capital will you require to keep the business going until you reach an estimated break-even point?
    • Given the capital requirements and your own resources, will financing be required and if so, how much?
    • What are your planned sources of financing? A financial institution like a bank? Private investors like a supporter?
    • Detail the total amount of investment your business will require and how it will be spent.
    • List how much you will invest from your personal wealth and how much you will have to borrow (have financed).

While making your Exploratory Visit, it is a good idea that you consult with business advisors – accountants, bank managers, marketing consultants, etc. – to help you put together a realistic and feasible Summary of Business Intent. Putting together a convincing and well-thought out business plan will be a solid help towards getting that invitation to file a Nomination Application to the MPNP-B.

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PNP Draw Points Cut-Offs

Some of the PNP streams for the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba use the same scoring system as Express Entry. Here are the cut-offs for 2021:


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