In Canada, a routine tourism or business visa is called a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). If you have been issued a TRV, you will normally be allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months, as long as you successfully enter the country.

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Who Needs a Temporary Resident Visa?

If you are from one of the below countries, you normally need a temporary resident visa to come to Canada to travel, do business, or visit family or friends.

Afghanistan Congo Ivory Coast Namibia Suriname
Albania Costa Rica Jamaica Nauru Swaziland
Algeria Cuba Jordan Nepal Syria
Angola Czech Republic Kazakhstan Nicaragua Taiwan*
Argentina Djibouti Kenya Niger Tajikistan
Armenia Dominica Kiribati Nigeria Tanzania
Azerbaijan Dominican Republic North Korea Oman Thailand
Bahrain Ecuador Kosovo Pakistan Timor l'este
Bangladesh Egypt Kuwait Palau Togo
Belarus El Salvador Kyrgyzstan Palestine Tonga
Belize Equatorial Guinea Laos Panama Trinidad and Tobago
Benin Eritrea Lebanon Paraguay Tunisia
Bhutan Ethiopia Lesotho Peru Turkey
Bolivia Fiji Liberia Philippines Turkmenistan
Bosnia Herzegovina Gabon Libya Poland* Tuvalu
Botswana Gambia Lithuania* Qatar Uganda
Brazil Georgia Macao Romania Ukraine
Bulgaria Ghana Macedonia Russia United Arab Emirates
Burkina Faso Grenada Madagascar Rwanda Uruguay
Burma (Myanmar) Guatemala Malawi Sao Tome e Principe Uzbekistan
Burundi Guinea Malaysia Saudi Arabia Vanuatu
Cambodia Guinea-Bissau Maldives Senegal Venezulea
Cameroon Guyana Mali Serbia Vietnam
Cape Verde Hait Marshall Islands Seychelles Yemen
Central African Republic Honduras Mauritania Sierra Leone Zambia
Chad India Mexico Somala Zimbabwe
Chile Indonesia Micronesia South Africa  
China Iran Moldova Sri Lanka  
Colombia Iraq Montenegro St. Vincent and the Grenadines  
Comoros Israel* Morocco Sudan  
Congo (DRC) Ivory Coast Mozambique South Sudan  

*Holders of certain types of passports from these countries do not need visas. For more information, contact us.

Where to Find the IMM 5257

If you are not using a paid representative for your application, the form can be downloaded from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC) along with the other forms you must submit: the IMM 5465 Family Information Form, the Schedule 1 for the IMM 5257, the IMM 5409 Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if applicable), and the IMM 5484 Document Checklist. You can also access the photo specifications when you download these forms.

If you ar eusing a paid representative, such as Immigroup, you should be provided with the forms.

What is the difference between a TRV and a Super Visa?

A temporary resident visa (TRV) is the regular tourist or business travel visa issued to successful applicants from any country in the above list. A "Super Visa" is a special, longer-term visa that is issued solely to allow Permanent Residents and naturalized Canadian citizens to have their parents or grandparents visit them in Canada for extended periods of time. It is an alternative to the family sponsorship program, which is currently on hold. The requirements for the two different visas are significantly different. Please see our page or book a consultation to learn more.

How to Complete the IMM 5257

If you have a current version of an internet browser your plugin is up to date, you can complete the PDF in your browser and then print it off. If not, you should "save a copy" to your computer or download it to your computer. Once you have done that, you can complete the form on your computer, or you can print off the form and complete it by hand.

If you have dealt with IRCC before and you have a client ID, you can enter it on the form. You must also pick which language you want Citizenship and Immigration Canada to respond to you in. Canada is a bilingual country and the federal government must provide service in either English or French.

Personal Details

IRCC needs to confirm your identity to ensure you are admissible to Canada, so in this section record your vital information, such as your full name and your citizenship. The residence questions are used to help establish your admissibility and also to determine if you have lived in Canada within the past. You must provide your marital information regardless of whether or not your spouse - if you have one - is accompanying you. If your spouse or children are accompanying you, they will have to complete separate IMM 5257 forms.

You must also provide your native language and your passport information.

Contact Information

In case there are issues with your application, IRCC will need to get in touch with you, so you must provide current contact information. The information you provide in this section will be the only information IRCC uses in any correspondence they send to you.

Details of Visit to Canada

IRCC needs to know what you plan on doing in Canada to ensure that you are using the correct application form. If you are intending on working in Canada, you should get a work permit instead. If you are intending on studying in Canada for longer than 6 months, you will need a study permit.

Education and Employment

Providing education information helps IRCC establish who you are. Providing employment information helps IRCC establish that you will be returning home to your country before your visa expires.

Background Information

People who wish to come to Canada re subject to certain standards: Canada will not accept those with criminal histories, with certain medical conditions, or those who have attempted to immigrate to Canada illegally. Providing your background information lets Citizenship and Immigration Canada confirm that you are a law-abiding person, that you are healthy and that you have not previously tried to sneak into Canada or stay in Canada past your permit's validity.

Please note that providing false information on this form could prevent you from being able to visit, work or study in Canada in the future.

If you are bringing family members with you, they must complete their own forms.

Where to Submit Your Application

Remember you must submit all required documentation in addition to the complete IMM 5257 Form.

You can submit the application online if you have a digital camera or a scanner and can upload your documents to IRCC's website, and if you wish to pay by credit card.

Otherwise you will have to submit your application by mail at one of the following visa offices. You can also submit the application in person, for a fee, at a Visa Application Centre. See IRCC's website for details.

Applications for Temporary Resident Visas, Study Permits or Work Permits
Afghanistan Islamabad
Albania Rome
Algeria Paris (if sent by courier)
American Samoa Sydney
Andorra Paris
Angola Pretoria
Anguilla Port of Spain
Antigua and Barbuda Port of Spain
Argentina Buenos Aires
Armenia Moscow
Aruba See Mexico City
Ascension Accra
Australia Sydney
Austria Vienna
Azerbaijan Ankara
Bahamas Kingston
Bahrain Abu Dhabi
Bangladesh Singapore
Barbados Port of Spain
Belarus Warsaw
Belgium Paris
Belize Mexico City
Benin Accra
Bermuda Visitor visas: New York or Los Angeles Study Permits: Los Angeles Work Permits: New York
Bhutan New Delhi
Bolivia Lima
Bonaire See Mexico City
Bosnia and Herzegovina Vienna
Botswana Pretoria
Brazil Sao Paulo
British Indian Ocean Territory Colombo
Brunei Singapore
Bulgaria Bucharest
Burkina-Faso Dakar
Burma (Myanmar, Union of) Bangkok
Burundi Nairobi
Cambodia Bangkok
Cameroon Dakar
Canary Islands Paris
Cape Verde Dakar
Caroline Islands Manila
Cayman Islands Kingston
Central African Republic Dakar
Chad Dakar
Channel Islands London
Chile Buenos Aires
China (People’s Republic of China) For a temporary resident visa or a work permit, apply to BeijingHong Kong or Shanghai For a study permit, apply to Beijing or Hong Kong
Christmas Island Sydney
Colombia Bogota
Comoros Island Nairobi
Cook Islands Sydney
Costa Rica Mexico City
Croatia Vienna
Cuba Havana
Curaçao See Mexico City
Cyprus Tel Aviv
Czech Republic Prague
Democratic Republic of the Congo Nairobi
Denmark London
Djibouti Nairobi
Dominica Port of Spain
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
East Timor Jakarta
Easter Island Buenos Aires
Ecuador Bogota
Egypt Cairo
El Salvador Mexico City
England London
Equatorial Guinea Dakar
Eritrea Nairobi
Estonia Warsaw
Ethiopia Nairobi
Falkland Islands Buenos Aires
Faroe Islands London
Federated States of Micronesia Manila
Fiji Sydney
Finland London
France Paris
French Guiana Port of Spain
French Polynesia Sydney
Gabon Dakar
Gambia Accra
Georgia Ankara
Germany Vienna
Ghana Accra
Gibraltar Paris
Greece Rome
Greenland London
Grenada Port of Spain
Guadeloupe Port of Spain
Guam Manila
Guatemala Mexico City
Guinea In person at the office of the IOM in Conakry, for processing in Dakar Dakar (if sent by courier)
Guinea-Bissau Dakar
Guyana Port of Spain
Haiti Port-au-Prince
Honduras Mexico City
Hong Kong (SAR) Hong Kong
Hungary Vienna
Iceland London
India New Delhi
Indonesia Jakarta
Iran Ankara
Iraq Amman
Ireland London
Israel Tel Aviv
Italy Rome
Ivory Coast Dakar
Jamaica Kingston
Japan Manila
Johnston Atoll Manila
Jordan Amman
Kazakhstan Moscow
Kenya Nairobi
Kiribati Sydney
Kosovo Vienna
Kosrae Manila
Kuwait Abu Dhabi
Kyrgyzstan Moscow
Laos Bangkok
Latvia Warsaw
Lebanon Beirut
Lesotho Pretoria
Liberia Accra
Libya Tunis
Liechtenstein Paris
Lithuania Warsaw
Luxembourg Paris
Macao Hong Kong
Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Vienna
Madagascar (Republic of) Nairobi
Madeira Paris
Malawi Pretoria
Malaysia Singapore
Maldives Colombo
Mali Dakar
Malta Rome
Marianas Manila
Marie-Galante Port of Spain
Marshall Islands (Republic of the) Manila
Martinique Port of Spain
Mauritania Dakar
Mauritius Nairobi
Mexico Mexico City
Micronesia (Federated States of) Manila
Midway Island Manila
Moldova Bucharest
Monaco Paris
Mongolia Beijing
Montenegro Vienna
Montserrat Port of Spain
Morocco Rabat
Mozambique Pretoria
Myanmar, Union of (Burma) Bangkok
Namibia Pretoria
Nauru Sydney
Nepal New Delhi
Netherlands Vienna
New Caledonia Sydney
New Zealand Sydney
Nicaragua Mexico City
Niger Niamey (in person for processing in Dakar) Dakar (if sent by courier)
Nigeria Lagos
Niue Sydney
Norfolk Island Sydney
North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) Beijing
Northern Ireland London
Northern Mariana Islands Manila
Norway London
Oman Abu Dhabi
Pakistan Islamabad
Palau (or Belau) Manila
Palestinian Authority (Gaza) Cairo
Palestinian Authority (West Bank) Amman
Panama Mexico City
Papua New Guinea Sydney
Paraguay Buenos Aires
Peru Lima
Philippines Manila
Pitcairn Islands Sydney
Poland Warsaw
Ponape Manila
Portugal Paris
Puerto Rico Visitor visas: New York or Los Angeles Study Permits: Los Angeles Work Permits: New York Temporary Resident Permits, Rehabilitation and Authority to Return to Canada: New York or Los Angeles.
Qatar Abu Dhabi
Republic of Congo Nairobi
Reunion Paris
Romania Bucharest
Russia Moscow
Rwanda Nairobi
Saba Port of Spain
Samoa (Independent State of) Sydney
Samoa (American) Sydney
San Marino Rome
Sao Tome and Principe Accra
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Scotland London
Senegal Dakar
Serbia Vienna
Seychelles Nairobi
Sierra Leone Accra
Singapore Singapore
Slovakia Vienna
Slovenia Vienna
Solomon Islands Sydney
Somalia Nairobi
South Africa Pretoria
South Korea See Manila
South Sudan Nairobi
Spain Paris
Sri Lanka Colombo
St. Barthélemy Port of Spain
St. Eustatius Port of Spain
St. Helena Accra
St. Kitts and Nevis (Federation of) Port of Spain
St. Lucia Port of Spain
St. Maarten/St. Martin Port of Spain
St. Pierre et Miquelon Visitor visas: New YorkLos Angeles or Paris Study Permits: Los Angeles or Paris Work Permits: New York or Paris Temporary Resident Permits, Rehabilitation and Authority to Return to Canada: New YorkLos Angeles or Paris.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Port of Spain
Sudan Cairo
Suriname Port of Spain
Svalbard London
Swaziland Pretoria
Sweden London
Switzerland Paris
Syria Amman
Tahiti Sydney
Taiwan Hong Kong
Tajikistan Moscow
Tanzania Nairobi
Thailand Bangkok
Togo Accra
Tokelau Sydney
Tonga Sydney
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
Tristan da Cunha Accra
Truk Island Manila
Tunisia Tunis
Turkey Ankara
Turkmenistan Ankara
Turks and Caicos Islands Kingston
Tuvalu Sydney
Uganda Kampala, for processing in Nairobi
Ukraine Kyiv
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom London
United States of America Visitor visas, Temporary Resident Permits, Rehabilitation and Authority to Return to Canada: New York or Los Angeles Study permits and study permits for work permit holders:Los Angeles Work Permits and work permits for study permit holders:New York
Uruguay Buenos Aires
U.S. Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands Manila
Uzbekistan Moscow
Vanuatu Sydney
Vatican City Rome
Venezuela See Mexico City
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Virgin Islands (British) Port of Spain
Virgin Islands (US) Visitor visas: New York or Los Angeles Study Permits: Los Angeles Work Permits: New York Temporary Resident Permits, Rehabilitation and Authority to Return to Canada: New York or Los Angeles.
Wake Island Manilla
Wales London
Wallis and Futuna Sydney
Western Sahara Rabat
Yap Island Manila
Yemen Abu Dhabi
Zambia Pretoria
Zimbabwe   Pretoria
Seafarers on tankers at sea destined to offload oil and gas in the Atlantic provinces For a work permit, apply to London or New York

Results of Submitting a TRV Application

Your visa application will either be accepted or denied.

If it is denied, you will be provided with reasons as to why.

If it is accepted, you will receive a visa and you will be able to travel to Canada. Please remember that a visa is not permission to enter Canada. Actual permission to enter Canada is granted by the CBSA officer at the port of entry.

Good luck with your journey!

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