Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

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Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations applications are means by which persons in Canada can apply for permanent residence in Canada if they would face “excessive hardship” at home.

What is Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations?

A humanitarian and compassionate grounds application can be filed by any person in Canada who would experience excessive hardship if they were made to return to their home country. It is intended for persons in Canada whose status is expired or expiring but who cannot return home. If an application is successful, the applicant becomes a permanent resident  of Canada.

In order to file the application you must submit the following:
PR Card / Record of Landing

  • IMM 0008 : Generic Application form for Canada
  • IMM 0008DEP : Additional Dependants Declaration (if applicable)
  • IMM 5669 Background Declaration
  • IMM 5283 : Supplementary Information: Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations
  • IMM 5476 : Use of a Representative (if you use a representative to, such as Immigroup)
  • IMM 5475 : Authority to Release Personal Information to Designated Individual (if you use a representative, such as Immigroup)
  • IMM 5280 : Document Checklist
  • Passport photos:
    • 2 photos of you (the applicant)
    • 2 photos each of any of your family members in Canada
  • Photocopies of your passport’s pages (and of your family members passports) showing
    • Passport number
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Passport Issue Date
    • Passport Expiry Date
    • All entry and exit stamps in the passport especially including
      • Visas for Canada and any other countries
      • Stamp showing most recent entry into Canada
  • Photocopies of Proof of your status in Canada (can be one of the following and can be expired):
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate(s) or other official identity document
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate  or proof of Common Law relationship (if applicable)
    • Examples of proof of Common Law relationship include
        • Joint bank, trust, credit union or charge card accounts
        • Jointly signed lease, mortgage or purchase agreement
      • Statutory declarations from “individuals with personal knowledge that your relationship is genuine and continuing”
  • Photocopy of Divorce, Annulment or Death Certificate  (if you used to be married)
    • Custody papers (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of Adoption Papers (if you have adopted a child)
  • Original Police Certificate(s)
  • Details of any criminal convictions (if applicable) and a photocopy of any pardon obtained from the Parole Board of Canada  (if applicable)
  • Any other evidence you think helps your case
  • If you have a sponsor you must also submit the following
    • IMM 1344  Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking
    • IMM 5287: Document Checklist
    • Proof of your relationship to your sponsor
      • If you are being sponsored by your child: a photocopy of the sponsor’s birth certificate
      • If you are being sponsored by your parent: a photocopy of the adoption certificate
    • Proof of your sponsor’s status in Canada:
    • Proof of payment of the fee ($550 per adult, $150 per child; Note: an additional $490 per person will be due if your H&C application is approved to cover the application for permanent residence)

Also, you must provide certified translations of any of the above documents which are not in English or French.

If you don’t see your Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds question in the FAQs, ask us! We will respond to any question within one business day.

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