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Permanent Resident Card

Who needs a PR Card and why?

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A permanent resident card is the main way Canadian permanent residents (formerly known as landed immigrants) prove their status to government agencies though a Record of Landing is also valid in certain circumstances.

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As a Canadian permanent resident travelling outside of Canada, if you hold a passport from a country whose citizens are required to have a visa to visit Canada, you will be asked to present your Permanent Resident Card before you board the carrier (airline, ship, etc) that will take you back to Canada. All Permanent Residents of Canada must show their PR card to a Canada Border Services officer when returning to Canada from international travel. The Permanent Resident Card is the only ID which shows proof of permanent resident status when returning to Canada on a commercial carrier (airplane, ship, bus, or train).

  • Travelling without a PR card
    • Do so at your own risk
    • Do you hold a valid Passport on the below list?
    • Do you have your expired Permanent Resident Card?
    • Have you already filed your PR card application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and have a copy of the full application to take with you? Having a copy of the application is extremely helpful when the customs agent asks for proof that you are a permanent resident. If the decision has been made on the application, it is also beneficial to show a printed copy of this as well; if not, print the page showing that the application is received and in process. Click here for Application Status.
      You may advise the customs agent that the application has already been filed, the a positive decision has been made (if applicable), and that you will make sure not to leave without it in the future. Remember, they hold all the power, so be pleasant.
    • Please feel free to contact us if you need help or aren’t sure what to do
  • Countries whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Canada as a visitor

    Permanent residents from countries whose citizens do not require a visa to travel to Canada may be allowed entry into Canada based on the strength of their passports alone, but entry is not guaranteed (attempt at your own risk).

    Andorra Estonia South Korea Poland Switzerland
    Antigua and Barbuda Finland Latvia Portugal Taiwan
    Australia France Liechtenstein Saint Kitts and Nevis United Kingdom
    Austria Germany Lithuania Samoa United States
    Bahamas Greece Luxembourg San Marino  
    Barbados Hungary Malta Singapore  
    Belgium Iceland Monaco Slovakia  
    Brunei Ireland Netherlands Slovenia  
    Croatia Israel* New Zealand Solomon Islands  
    Cyprus Italy Norway Spain  
    Denmark Japan Papua New Guinea Sweden  
    • Citizens of Israel require an Israeli passport to waive the visa requirement. Holders of any other type of Israeli travel document require visas
    • Citizens of Lithuania and Poland require biometric passports to enter Canada without visas
    • Citizens of Taiwan must have passports containing their ID number in order to enter Canada without a visa
  • Worst Case Scenario

    If you left Canada without your valid Permanent Resident Card card, you may not be allowed to enter Canada and you may have to stay in the country you are traveling from.

    You will likely be told that to enter Canada without your valid PR Card, you must visit the closest Canadian Diplomatic Mission (Canadian Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission) responsible for issuing a Permanent Resident Returning to Canada Single Entry Travel Document. A Permanent Resident Travel Document is similar to a visa which is attached to your passport. This document is valid for a limited period of time and enables you to gain entry to Canada only once.

  • I don’t have one of the above Passports

    Immigroup does not advise any permanent resident to leave Canada without a valid Permanent Resident Card. If you must leave under emergency circumstances and do not have time to wait for your PR card to be issued (2-4 weeks with urgent processing), click here to read about the Permanent Resident Travel Document. To have your Permanent Resident Card application processed with urgency the following are required:

    • Minimum 3 weeks between the date your application is submitted and your departure date
    • Completed application free of errors and omissions. NOTE: When applications are returned by IRCC, the officer may only indicate some of the mistakes they have noticed rather than every problem which needs to be corrected for the application to be processed. If your application has more than one mistake, up to a month can be added to the processing time each time the application is returned. However, if your application has been returned, this means that a IRCC officer is assigned to your file and you do not have to start from the beginning again.
    • Proof of Urgency. This must be in the form of a travel itinerary or ticket on a commercial carrier for which at least partial payment has been made.
  • I can’t wait 3 weeks before travelling

    If you need to travel before your PR Card can be issued, you must apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document at the nearest Canadian Diplomatic Mission (Canadian Consulate, Embassy, or High Commission).

    Please remember the following:

    • Have the Travel Document application filled out correctly before you leave.
    • Have all necessary supporting documents. Document check list for Travel Document application
    • Before leaving Canada, find out which Canadian Diplomatic Mission is responsible for the country you are travelling to. NOTE: Not all Canadian Diplomatic Missions issue Travel Documents. Diplomatic Missions are very busy, and it is always safer (and sometimes faster) to take your application in person rather than mailing your personal documents to them. Reasons not to mail your application include: potential loss of personal documents, difficulty in communicating with the Diplomatic Mission, and lack of options to check the status of your application.
    • If you don’t have a choice and you must mail your application then follow these guidelines:
    • Research the nearest Canadian Diplomatic Mission to your travel destination before sending your application
    • Determine how you are allowed to check the status of your application (phone, fax, email)
    • Just because it’s written on the website does not make it so: confirm everything by phone.
    • Give yourself ample time for this process.
    • Did you know? Immigroup can be your representative and communicate with the Canadian Diplomatic Mission on your behalf as well as review your application before you go. Click here if you need our assistance with the Travel Document process.
  • The Permanent Residence Questionnaire

    When applying to replace your expiring or lost Permanent Resident Card, you may receive a residence questionnaire. Residence Questionnaires are sent out to any applicant who appears to fail the residence requirement as well as to 10% of all applicants at random. If you receive the residence questionnaire, you must complete it accurately and honestly and you must return it within the time requested. If you do not comply you could lose your status and possibly be deported. Some applicants who receive the residence questionnaire may also have to attend an interview. Failure to attend this interview may result in loss of status or deportation. To see a sample of the questionnaire, please click here.

Immigroup statistics for Permanent Resident Card service
  • Average processing time for Permanent Resident Card regular: 5-6 months
  • Average processing time for PR Card urgent: 35 business days
  • Average processing time for Permanent Resident Card top priority: 31 business days
  • Status in Jeopardy or Unusual Case Success Rate: 100% in 2012
  • Mistakes made by Immigroup per 100 applications: 0% in 2012
  • Updated - monthly on the same date, by 3rd day of month More info
  • We guarantee our work
  • 6 month – card replacement guarantee
  • Purchase a Right of Citizenship application and receive a 20% discount
  • Receive a 20 minute in-depth consultation on complex immigration matters More info


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    Please have the following documents with you. All necessary documents are listed.

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    • If you are required to complete a residence questionnaire, we can assist you with this.
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    4. We will track your application with regular status checks and inform you of any additional documentation you need to provide.
    5. If you are required to complete a residence questionnaire, we can assist you with this.
    6. If approved, you will receive your Permanent Resident Card in the mail.

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