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Call Us: 1-866-760-2623
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IMMIgroup's traffic since April 1, 2014:

Immigroup's Monthly Visitors


Why would I write content for IMMIgroup News?

  • IMMIgroup news receives between 167,000 and 230,000 page views per month. Our newsroom receives the bulk of the views, and that's where your content will be.

IMMIgroup's Newsroom visitors by month

  • Our newsroom is constantly growing and every new article is guaranteed views.
  • Our news articles are actually read by our users - our user spend an average of nearly 4 minutes on our news pages. Below is a graph of our 'Time on Site' for our newsroom pages since August 2014.

IMMIgroup newsroom's Time on Site

  • Some of our contributors are getting over 50,000 views of their content. The picture below shows our 10 most popular articles since April 2014:

IMMIgroup's Best Articles

  • We will show you what types of articles work and which do not. Below is our most successful article during the peak of its popularity:

Top 8  Worst Places to Move to in Canada

  • Here is another successful article, which gets more popular every month:

Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries


How will my content get me business?

Your phone number, first and last name and email address will appear on every article you write. We will link to your website and your social media profiles. The business you get through your aticles 100% yours.


Why would I not use my own website to post content?

By yourself you are limited in resources and money but with IMMIgroup you are getting a lot more. Here is a quick overview:

  • We attract 100,000 unique visitors per month
  • IMMIgroup employs full time researchers dedicated to our newsroom. As a contributor, you may be able to make use of our staff.
  • We will help you design articles which are more likely to be popular.
  • You will be associated with IMMIgroup and IMMIgroup is a strong and reputable brand in the industry.


How do I know what impact my content is having?

We will give you access to Google Analytics for your articles so you can see how popular your contributions are. Below is the first week for one of our contributors' articles:

When Will the 2014 Working Holiday Visas for Ireland Be Available?


Can I write in my own language? (other than English)

We are currently experimenting with this idea (see picture below). If you are interested in writing in your own language on, please let us know by completing the below form.

Portuguese Article


Can I write about something you have already written about?

Yes, provided you are giving value to your readers.


What are the rules to write for the newsroom?

  • We will only accept strong writers who require only basic editing for their content.
  • If you are a lawyer, paralegal or RIC, you must be in good standing.
  • Your content must give value to your readers.
  • Your content cannot link to websites of little to no value. We will remove any links we do not approve of.
  • Your content needs to help your readers solve a problem, or it needs to entertain. The newsroom is not a platform for self-promotion.
  • You cannot publish duplicate content on our newsroom. All your content has to be original.


Who owns my content?

You do. If, at any time, you would like to claim your content and have it removed so that you can post it somewhere else, just contact us.



"I just received my ICCRC license a couple of months ago. As a new consultant I found it very tough trying to find clients in this competitive market. I was contacted by IMMIgroup and offered the opportunity to write articles on immigration related topics.
"I address immigration issues that are relevant to the Irish and people from the UK. After I published a few articles I began to receive emails and phone calls and it wasn't long before I had my first paying client.
"IMMIgroup has an excellent staff and editing department and with their support I continue to research and write about immigration developments, changes and related topics. I have come to realize that this is a fantastic way to market myself and gain exposure in my community."
- Anthony Doherty


My experience with IMMIgroup has been wonderful. I've been learning a lot about marketing strategies and Canada's immigration processes. It is such a privilege to write content on IMMIgroup's website, specifically directed to Brazilians. It is incredible being able to reach so many readers and discuss matters important to my community. In addition to that, as a Paralegal student, I have a chance to experience the routine in a well-established Canadian company and get not only important information about immigration but also great career inputs.
- Liliane Vieira


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